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Born on December 28, 1977.
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About Me
Hi!! I'm Karla from Argentina .My english is not good but at least I will try it ;) I think that in the life all happen for a reason and Jesus is part of it. Specially because I felt to him many times at the sad momments of my life and nevertheless always he has been there..for to give me the strength to follow because all we to live is for a beautiful reason that just He knows....so... every day I give thanks to him for this miracle called "LIFE"... Another of my hero is Mother Teresa..Her humility,charisma,and sweet smile were always your life style. Since years ago "The Missionaries of Charity" have been the reason for look for my soul peace and I am so so happy for that!! because there just you learn to SMILE.. :) :) Mother Teresa...used to say.. ""Smile though your heart is aching" ;) God Bless you always Ciaoo
I think that....   "Every day is a mystery to discover and A secret to reveal..." ;)
Sometimes I ask me...   What is the meaning of " come true a dream"??....
If you wish it with the heart is it posible?? or it continues to be a dream..? *-)
24/09/2009 Morning!!   I am learning to understand life ... to people and smile spite of it..;)
Hello Karla, thanks for the add, wishing you and your loved ones a safe and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, GOD BLESS
lars groeneveld
Hallo Sorry that it takes so long :-) Iam here now :-)
Hi, Karla! It is pleasant that my words in a blog of Lory were pleasant to you. They are written from heart. Now about my name. My name Oksana is the Ukrainian form of Russian name Ksenia. At them the general root of Ksen which occurs from an Ancient Greek word of Ksenos. It is translated as the guest, coming. The family calls me Ksjusha, Oksanka. My origin too is very interesting and is confused. About Argentina I know a little. At us here showed films "Milady", "Milagros". We know your well-known football player Diego Maradona. It would be desirable to know more, I think that your country very beautiful. At us the autumn has come. Now very beautifully. On trees leaves become yellow, red. The autumn it is time, when think of the sad. Frosts will soon begin, and snow will drop out. And you were sometime in Europe? Successful day to you and your native!
Hi, Karla! Very pleasant that you have wanted to be on friendly terms with me. I have friends in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine. And here so it is far, as you still were nobody. Nice to meet you. I too badly know English, but I try to study at leisure. All the best for you!
raffa buddy
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Hola Karla!!!!! Gracias por tu mensaje! Buscame en facebook! Estas por alli'? Espero que si! RAFFAELLA METALLO es mi nombre! Dio te bendiga! Un abrazo! Raffaella
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