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Jonathan Carson
Blacksburg, VA  USA
Born on March 29, 1971.
My own artist pages
Alternative : Brit Pop
Coelacanth is an eclectic mix of whatever happens to roll out of my ministudio on a given weekend Coelacanth wants to take you on an underwater journey and show you the underwater city of Atlantis where a delightful celebration is just starting
Electronic : Mellow
Ethereal yet energetically effervescent blends of sound and light
Alternative : Experimental
Soaring, swirling, loud, crashing, and spirited songs, designed to be cranked to 11 for your listening ecstasy.
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About Me
Mostly now, my time is spent either at work or playing with and caring for my new daughter. One of these days, maybe I'll get back into composing songs and tunes if I can dig the stuff out of the boxes.
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dennis paul
Thanks for accepting my request and adding me to your friends network :) Have an awesome weekend !!
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