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Heaven Love Mcdowell
Heaven Love
Saint Louis, MO  USA
Born on February 24, 1986.
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
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About Me
Basically I'm just uh simple man really just striving to accomplish my dreams and the desire's of my heart being true to the game grinding by my faith in God in these street's to furfill every aspect of my life that deserves love and ,happiness .I am truely considered an Artist with uh foundation of art collected from my heart to concieve a reflection of great inspiration .I am blessed to be a ghetto hero forever married to the game.
Hot Butter Chocolate   Hot butter chocolate
Will tempt your desire
It will heat up your senses
It will dazzle your tongue
With its smooth satin flavor
And capture your needs
With a taste you can savor

Like a potion of love
It's an Aphrodisiac
And it comes in all shades
From tan to dark black

For hot butter chocolate
Will have you begging for more
And you'll crave that sweet taste
You can't find in a store

It's sexy brown sugar
That is hard to resist
And there's no turning back
From its candy like kiss

If you haven't indulged
In this succulent switch
Then you're missing the joy
That's ...
Another Day Without Rest   Such a burden of sadness
Can be seen on her face
She's been used and abused
From men of all race

She seems distant and lost
With low self-esteem
For life has been cruel
And she's only eighteen

She gave birth to a child
That she doesn't even know
And life on the streets
Has taken its toll

Always selling her body
For sex without gain
To support a bad habit
Of drugs in her vein

Disrespected and scarred
By smooth talking guys
Who will strip her of cash
And then feed her with lies

Once a symbol of beauty
She looks wretched and old
Another homeless poor girl
Left out ...
Love at first sight   I have this friend
Who met another one of my friends
Now, they are close friends
Actually, they are boyfriend and girlfriend
Soon to be husband and wife
You see, when they met it was love at first sight
And that's something that I just could not, quite… grasp
I just couldn't comprehend, how, when two people's eyes meet contact
Their emotions would react
In such a fact, that
Their mind would create illusionary memories that it would flashback, to
I could never understand this concept
Well, until I met
This, Ebony Goddess
This, Nubian Princess
This, Mahogany Queen
This, JET ...
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