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Lasman Staning
Calgary, AB  Canada
Born on February 20, 1985.
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About Me
We will roundhouse your face into the sun!!!
"Adopt To Rot" FINAL Track list and back cover art...   Here is the final art, that I designed and arranged for my first album, Adopt To Rot...

1. As A Warrior
2. Let Me Take You Back
3. Rollin In The Car
4. And I Hide
5. Searching For Davy Jones
6. Voodoo Woman
7. Adopt To Rot
8.Oh Baby!!!
9. Follow Me
10. Wake Up!!!
11. Puppet Girl
12. Why Are We Lost
13. My Friends

Try and find the cryptic message hidden in the picture... Can you???


Let's Talk Style   So, my album is allmost completly written. Which is hella sick. Trust me, allthough I have not uploaded any new tracks since Rollin' In The Car, these new songs I got will be worth more than the wait.

Also down the pipe is a mixtape and the first Mind Calibur album. I will keep ya posted.

Lokal Motif
whats good man, just wanted to say appreciate the fb on our tracks, will have to return the favor in the near future
ravi singh
thanks for the add and come check the beats. one
Send a link if you down to collab mann, yousendit.com
hey supp haul man this is rayman im night stalker cuz....where you from fort mcmurray
Demi Goddess
Yo! Holla to my Alberta boy! I am actually half Canadian, with all kinds of family in Edmonton, Calgary, and Medicine Hat... But anywayz...I just wanted to say that I love your silly style and to say that your sh*** is pretty tight, though you seem to be just buggin out with it. Also, AMP is my boy, which is how I found out about you...so holla back baby! Luv, Demi
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