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Lynn Saylor
GuitarGirl Lynn
Los Angeles, CA  USA
Born on September 19, 2005.
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Pop : Pop Rock
Featured female singer, songwriter, guitarists of GuitarGirls.com
Pop : Pop Rock
Lynn is a self-contained singer/songwriter/guitarist who writes all of her own music & lyrics. Intelligent and lyrically based songs, strong melodies and stand-out chorus hooks are her trademarks. She writes most..
Pop : Adult Contemporary
Blues, rock, female, singer, songwriter, AAA artist
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About Me
LYNN CAREY SAYLOR'S greatest passion in life is that of a songwriter. All words and music on 10 of 11 songs on her new modern Rock/Pop/AAA CD "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN" are written entirely by her and she tackles such weighty subjects as racial tolerance (on her award winning song "IF WE BELIEVE" featuring BRIAN MAY of QUEEN) and drunk driving (on the emotional heavy rock ballad "I WASN'T A FRIEND"), but never seems to be preaching to you. Her songwriting style is one of thoughtful lyrics, expressive melodies, big dramatic chorus hooks, lush background harmonies and full bodied instrumentation, set off by modern production. Queen's Brian May also appears on the lone cover tune on "You Like It Clean", the 1984 smash hit for Pat Benatar, "WE BELONG." Lynn's version of the song boasts not only Brian May, but also the songwriters of the song, Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro. Eric Lowen suffers from the progressive and eventually fatal disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), so Lynn wished to record and include "We Belong" on her album for personal, as well as professional reasons. Lynn has known the songwriters of "We Belong" personally for a number of years. For those who know Pat Benatar's big ballad interpretation of the song, there will be some surprise as to Lynn's much more rocked up arrangement of the song, a departure that was designed to set it apart from Pat's version and also to reflect Lynn's unique musical style and identity.
Lynn, I really have to be honest here, If I had a woman like you ? I would never get out of bed. take care sweet heart. Michael
Wish you all the best and a happy Christmas from me i Norway
dropping by to say hello in the soundclick world .. see you on the other side
Stopping by to wish you a great Thanksgiving Lynn :)
wish you a happy new year, Sorry that I have not been too much on SC the last year, Have had surgery in one of my shoulders and had to fix the other shoulder too. Have a nice day, Your friend stein
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