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Julian Hill
Bristol, United Kingdom
Born on May 7, 1973.
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Metal : Death/Black Metal
Hailing from Bristol, England are the Corporation of Corpse Stealers ( or C.O.C.S as it is also abbreviated ) they are a side project band by the core founder members of the bands ..Whores of Babylon.. ( Goth Metal ) & ..Soundisciples.. ( Experimen..
Electronic : Drum n Bass
This band is a project band by the core members of : Whores of Babylon & Soundisciples who last released albums mostly in the 1990s. The Guys have 2 other project bands too ! the Comedy Punk - Drunken Pirates & the Brutal - Corporation of Corpse Stealers
Metal : Heavy Metal
Soundisciples were originally Bristols WHORES OF BABYLON ( released a couple of albums 1994 1996 ) then became Soundisciples in 1998 when the direction of the music changed and a new record deal was secured with Peaceville/Music for Nations.
Rock : Punk
Madcap Punk/Metal/Pirate band performing our own brand of `Septic Sea Shanties` formed in 2007 and is a side project by the core members of Whores of Babylon & Soundisciples,
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About Me
My name is Gobz, I live in Bristol, England. I am a webmaster and musician. I am in 5 bands all of which I am a founder member. I have been an active musician since 1989 and a recording artist on and off since 1994. For some time I have co-owned a commercial recording studio - `SOA Studios` in Bristol with Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame. I also setup my own record label `Lovegun Records` in 2007, at this point in time it is a vehicle for my own bands and mainly planned to distribute in the digital domain. My 2 main bands - `Whores of Babylon` & `Soundisciples` have released 2 albums each before on different labels, the style of their music is kinda Gothic Metal and experimental. The 3 other bands are side project bands generally formed recently, they are : `The Drunken Pirates` ( punk/pirate/metal ), Corporation of Corpse Stealers ( Thrash/Black/Death Metal ) & `W.O.B The Noiselab Project` ( Gothic/Industrial/Drum & Bass). Links to all my stuff can be found at : www.lovegun.co.uk My Bands on this site :

New Epic Noiselab Project tune now available to buy !   Epic D n B Industrial Gothic tune `Master of the Universe` ( 2010 version ). Now available for 75 cents. Goto www.soundclick.com/noiselabproject
New in production mp3s uploaded - Sept 2010   new examples of rhythm guitars for the album `The Dead Unburied` uploaded - 1 to 2 mins each and all preceeded by the name COCS
New Corpse stealers track just uploaded   uploaded to this site, the myspace site, www.lovegun.co.uk & the download.com page
Is it just me or is this site an R n B / polite Hip Hop site ? I keep getting loads of requests from producers of the beats of this music, I`m sure they don`t care about me or my stuff they are just trying to flog me something ! Which is daft cos those are probably the 2 types of music that I hate the most in the entire world ! ! ( and improv Jazz too !)
hello fren i like your music' keep it up U...
Rizzle Productions
Do what ever you like buddy. My page and beats are primarly for hip hop artists and R&B singers. I get sales daily. It's not for everyone. Have a good week.
one of my bands has been added to this site, url = www.soundclick.com/corporationofcorpsestealers
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