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Gavin Baker
Notts, United Kingdom
Born on November 23, 1954.
Hi Guys & gals heres a new one for ya.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
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About Me
Im a self taught guitarist who started at the age of 14, I did have some music lessons but jacked them in in favor of playing by ear! I stopped playing between the ages of 24 & 38 with other matters occupying my life. I bought a Bill Nelson CD "Practicaly Wired" on its release which spured me on to become seriouse about playing again. Ive done lots of stuff for family & friends but now wish to become a more proficient musician.http://members.soundclick.com/Gavin+Baker Having worked as a senior manager for the past 23 years I now find that Im an house husband with lots of creative time to spare. The songs that appear here are a mixture of styles & songs that encompass the past decade. Original material turning yet another page of my musical development.
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August 2017   Hi folks
Battling on as usual Ive managed to put 9 tracks together as a CD called
"With My Consent".
They are tracks mostly done on a new second hand multi track deck that I managed to get hold of but theyre are a few of my old deck too.
Anyway they have been recorded over the past 6 months I hope you find a couple you like.
jesse de la o
Nice jamms Gavin.
Hi Gavin! Thanks for the add request and thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you found some tunes you like. :) Your music is very passionate and inspired. Keep up the great work! - Jim
Your Strat reminds me of the one I've seen David Gilmore playing.
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