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Hi I'm Falken I have played guitar since I was 13 years old. Always having my guitar in reach... played with different bands mostly for the money
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Mr Grant
Falken, thanks so much for coming by and listening to my song! Really appreciate the love!
Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson The first time I saw Jack Nicholson was in Easy Rider and he was a goofy funny guy. I worked at a drive in theater at the time making submarine sandwiches and got to see the film several times. I think it was early 70's...
I MEANT to type Rickenbacker.... damn this auto correction
That's right I almost forgot about the ballad to easy rider...Thanks kindly for your nice comment, I am just really having fun with my Rickenvacker right now. Not so easy to play but very rewarding in sound. HAVE you had your first snowfall for this year? We already had 15cm surely much more to come! Wishing you a fun upcoming weekend and thanks again for listening my friend!
I found a cover song to do with my 12 string Rickenbacker. It is from Roger McGuinn's Back from Rio album From 1991. He also recorded it with Tom Petty. Don't know if it ever played on the radio over here. Give it a spin when you have time. Have a great weekend Falkin!
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