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Teresa Madrigal Uribe
Extraterrestial Dreams
Morelia, Michoacan  Mexico
Born on December 28, 1969.
My own artist page
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
introduce to another dimension.
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About Me
since three years Im trying to make electronic music and get better. Think music is my medicin, that maintains me alive, for to face so much problems that hurt me and are like a nightmare from I can´t to scape. My love about electronic music started since my childhood (was 9 years old), listening Jean Michel Jarre, Tomita, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream definitely charms me with Ricochet and Exit and became in a devote fan during 25 years, the same happened with Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching after. In the last years I´ve been listening bands like Orbital, Massive Attack, The shamen, Eat Static, Rabbit in the Moon, and DSR artists wich have impressed and influenced me too in special mood for specific reasons that connect me to someone misteriously; music is the way to other and infinite world that keep humans joined in a mistic union, it no matters the race, the age , country etc. Music is the food for soul. My artistic name is because im interested about extraterrestial life, had some UFO sightings listening Tangerine Dream in the night, thats great!!.
Poem   My Love

You were always in my dreams
Dont ask me how or why
I can say that was once
When my mind and pure spirit
were as a receiver
of an unknown but intuited reality
when spoke to God
listening to Klaus Schulze´s music,
and the universe came to me ...
My illusions, bright pink roses,
were crushed in my heart, at once,
by bitter disappointments and misunderstandings, wanted to die ...
Exhausted fell into a deep sleep ...
Then I saw You ... couldn´t resist your beautiful eyes,
your expressive face, and your sweet caucasian features ...
felt your strong body hugging
while succumbing ...
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Teresa, Just a BIG THANK YOU for letting me add works to "TRANCED". I Love the way it came together. It was much fun. Peace.. Drumnjon
Hello Teresa, it is nice, that You have found me also here. Yes, I am in some plattforms more now. I send big hugs to You. Greetings, Bine
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