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joe gillis
Eric Heisman and the Formation
piqua, ohio  USA
Born on July 28, 1962.
My own artist page
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
all songs copywritten gillis/devore 2010, 2011 ~~**~~New song uploaded April 20, 2015 and July 2015 both written, arranged produced and owned by Joe Gillis
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Sharing research, worth your time.   Sheb Wooley and "the Wilhelm Scream". After conducting research into Mr. Wooley, I found youtube videos featuring the Wilhelm Scream. I encourage you to youtube it and a quick wiki search of it will fill in some blanks. You are welcome.
a comment to give one pause for sure.   I was playing music on the square today and had an awesome comment from a young man. He asked if I remembered jamming with him last year, which of course i do, (he shook his bones, i played the songs, us jamming :) ) so i exclaimed, "yes" emphatically. So I am playing one of the original songs I have on youtube, and when it was over, he told me he was listening to youtube today and that that song was the second song he listened to and he told me his dad came in and sang it with him.

Those songs, songs Dave and i composed and I applied some video footage to to put it on youtube as another way ...
Please share your early inspirations   What moment or moments can you trace back to your earliest desires to play music?

A friend brought me to his friend's house, we went down into the basement there and I watched as three guys played a couple dozen tunes. They were interacting as they played. Their eyes on each other and smiles all 'round. The music was charged with passion, tension and release! Before I ever picked up a pair of my sister's bongos and hauled them to a Grateful Dead show in Buffalo, I was already inspired by that moment. Then, at the show, a guy parked near us broke out his guitar and we started playing Grateful ...
Eric, thank you for the comment on the video! Also I just noticed your message about the forum - it died on Soundclick but Larry Ludwick resurrected it elsewhere. http://music-talk.forumatic.com/index.php
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Just when I find some good folk in a forum, the forum has been discontinued. Alisha, d.bill, and Daniel and so many good people, best wishes to you all, eternally!
I uploaded a new song last week and plan to upload some older stuff soon. The songs are often collaborative efforts with Dave DeVore, but the new one is a solo effort. This new song features a theremine and an Epiphone Dot Deluxe, a Fender Vibro-Champ, Shure's sm-58, a big muff pedal and a Tascam dp-004.
I haven't uploaded a song here in years and mostly just hang in forums once a week or so. still making music, if I stumbled on requests for recent and more properly performed and mastered songs, I might drop some here :) if not, it's ok, not a ton of traffic here and I do enjoy some of the sage forum cats
Hey all! This page is just now getting attention. I am uploading songs each week and videos as well. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for all original content! joe - one half of eric heisman and the formation, with my collaborating good friend David.
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