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Djinn12th ....
Born on September 19, 1980.
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About Me
Djinn12th was born on the 19th of September 1980 in The Netherlands. He has a Caribbean background, because both of his parents where born on Curacao. Growing up, he was surrounded by different types of music. His dad mostly played Reggae, Soul and Latin tunes. It wasn't till he heard Public Enemy's tape, that his love for rap and hiphop was born. Repeating their favorite songs till they knew them by heart, he and his friends would walk the street spitting the songs. Djinn12th and his neighborhood friend Thun started to write their own kiddy rhymes... Years later he started to write again, he also learned the basics and structures of songs. He then hooked up with Thun, to show him his skills. At that moment, Thun was in a group called The Colony, which was founded by Thun himself. Djinn12th met a guy named D.M.S., now known as Fangz. The three of them got together and started spitting their rhymes. Fangz felt Djinn12th's delivery and knew he could do even better. Fangz then showed him the freedom of flowing and grabbing the beat by the horns. And that's where the real writing started.
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