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Kaleb Pastores
Born on January 1, 1987.
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HipHop : Hardcore Rap
thrive, qwality, quincy 'the kid' jones, Nappy Head the DREAD
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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About Me
THE SUSPECTS Accidents can happen, that’s what four Southern California MCs found out the summer of 2009 in the city limits of Riverside, CA. The Usual Suspects better known as THE SUSPECTS are made up of four MCS and one Dj each spawned out of, or from the culture and lifestyle of Hip Hop. From the classrooms and dirt playground of Emerson Elementry Suspect members Nappy Dreads (Antonio Taylor), thRIVe (Desmond Hernandez), Quincy 'The Kid' Jones (Quinn Cruz currently apart of C.D.C), and Qwality (Kaleb Pastores) have maintainted a friendship that finally spilled over from the routine rhyme cyphers and into the chambers and dungeons of a grimey garage studio. With time, the 4 MCs collaborated on several ideas and songs such as “King of the Town”, “Usual Suspects”, and “Deep Concentration” which eventually led to the forming of the intense underground rap machine of THE SUSPECTS. Together their styles inflicted raw and uncut in your face emceein. With a later addtion of Dj Jump JIggy, they moved forward as rap group that changed face of the I.E.’s Riverside Hip Hop Scene. “THE SUSPECTS natural rapper/MCS… talent is accidental, dont get mad cuz we have it. SUSPECTS THE MOVEMENT “ When each Suspect was asked to give thought on this new idea of THE SUSPECTS they each responded as.... Qwality - "I mean lets face it i love hip hop and right now that’s what i do. I rap, and the suspects stay gettn suspect." Nappy - "Weve all known each other since Elementry School, so that makes it easier to vibe off one another, I've been a loyal hip hop fan since birth, why not become apart of something i love." thRIVe - "A raw to the bone in your face type of hip hop. When it’s all Said and done who are you going to point to... the suspects." Quincy – “I mean I feel like shiit… Uhm, I feel like the suspsects came together like.. you know what I mean?.. 4 emcees on the same page in hip hop I mean… why not? Credits: MIXTAPE: THE LEFT COAST DISTRICT www.soundclick.com/usualsuspectclick www.facebook.com/thesuspects SINGLES: “The FREAK Show” "A BEAUTIFUL THING" ft. ROB "BRING THE NOIZE" "QUITE ALRIGHT" - (HOOK, QWA, NAPPY) “Conspircy Theory” SHOWS: Vibe Riverside, Ca March 2010 I Heart Hip Hop Show Back To the Grind Riverside, California March 6th, 2010 The Cohiba Longbeach, Ca March 11th, 2010 I Heart Hip Hop Music Festival Life Arts Building Riverside, Ca April 3rd, 2010 Kwatsan Radio Walk-A-Thon Yuma, Az May 1st 2010 RCC.EDU MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL May 15th, 2010 Mission Tobacco Lounge Riverside, Ca May 19th, 2010 Vibe Riverside, Ca Sept 3rd, 2010 MORE INFO COMING SOON…. CONTACTS: thRIVe (951)532-9760 Nappy (951)333-3696 antonio.t86@hotmail.com Qwality (951)203-8647 Qwathegod@yahoo.com Dj Jump Jiggy (951)368-8982 jumpigggy@gmail.com tracklist: metaphysics (nappy, qwa) do me a solid (nappy, qwa, kidd) wolves (thrive, qwa) deep concentration (nappy, thrive, qwa) king of the town (kidd, thrive, qwa) conspiracy theory (kidd, thrive, nappy, qwa) this ones for.. 2010 (nappy, qwa, kidd) a beautiful thing (rob, thrive, nappy, qwa) rookies of the year (kidd, qwa, nappy) death touch (thrive, qwa) endless (thrive, qwa) body armor (kidd, qwa, nappy, thrive, hooks) bring the noise (kidd, thrive, nappy, qwa) one time (thrive, nappy, qwa) blackhearted (kidd, nappy, qwa) usc sunsets (kidd, qwa) usual suspects (kidd, qwa, thrive) usual suspects II (thrive, nappy, qwa) the freak show (kidd ,qwa, nappy, thrive) who want what (nappy, hooks, qwa) just like that (kidd, qwa) quite alright (hooks, qwa, napp) milarkies (hooks & nappy) daydreams (qwa) back and keepin it thoro (kidd) that’s what happens (qwa) unkown (tom g & nappy)
storythearies hey! just showing some luv
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