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Dereck Higgins
Omaha, NE  USA
Born on July 7, 1955.
My own artist page
Alternative : Alternative General
Personal music that involves elements of electronics, ambience, pop, a little goth or whatever I'm feeling at the time.
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About Me
The best music comes through the musician as much as the musician is actively creating it. It is a gift that one receives and then transmits. This is how I experience the creative process. I feel privileged and grateful that I am able to share the music that comes from this process. Have a listen and please share your experience/thoughts.
Thank you Dereck for your friendship and kind message. Beautiful music you create and I love it. God Bless You my friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So9Ee64XYsY
Martin Phillips
Hi Dereck, thanks for accepting the friends request, you have some great music here
I appreciate it. Quality music you guys got. I like the guitars.
I appreciate it man, hope you enjoy the music. God BLess, Holla!
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