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Sandor Dark Productions
Dark Productions
Jamaica, NY  USA
Born on December 26, 1979.
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Instrumentals : Beats General
Music Production, Alt Production , Theme Production , Hip Hop Production
Electronic : Electronica
Electronic : Experimental Sounds
i am the ruler of the universe and my power is unlimited
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About Me
Dark Production Music Group: Maurice- Lead Producer / Engineer Sandor- Production Manager / Producer Welcome and thank you for visiting our sound-click page. We are here to share our musical material as well as be apart of this great community and contribute in any way we can. -Sandor /Production Manger http://www.reverbnation.com/darkmusicgroup http://soundcloud.com/darkmusicgroup
Introducing : Zeon Master   another new addition to the group.

welcome zeon :)
what.... HOW MUCH ????   okay i might be a little slow on this one but f*** it it here it goes..

i know that those beats by dre headphone have been all the rage lately but what i didnt know is HOW MUCH THEY COST !

from $150 - $300 .. are YOU INSANE!! ..now regaurdless of the quality of these headsets.... thats still way to much for headphones you take into the wild.

not to mention that these things are "suppose" reproduce ever element as if you are in the studio ...except that your probably listening to them from a MP3 (compressed) audio file ..so some of that quality is gone and your not getting what you think you...
introducing xani ranger   Aka dream explorer is somewhat the newest member of the dark production music group.

Sound and signature is by far the most raw and rough among the crew. Most of the not mixing the music at all. Creative is out of bounds

New tunes uploaded this friday

Goood looking out yall
I'm baaaack!! ;) Hope you're doing well!
HEY WHAT UP FAM! I BRING FEMALE RAP TO ANOTHER LEVEL - NEW VIDEO UP!! COMMENT LIKE AND SUPPORT IT!! GOD BLESS!! MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT ----> http://youtu.be/orcHgn-gzd8 also visit www.reverbnation.com/dc52
selina sitara
Beautiful sounds :))
Lisa Holmes
hey up hows u doing? gd i hope. Ive just uploaded my latest trance piece - Elara nd would love for u to stop by nd check it out, tx in advance, all best Lisa :D
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U welcome & Thank U
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