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Electronic : Electronica
DJ Drunken Master? That electronic beat mutha FXXXer! I'd say he is one of those slap happy, funky, pre-apocalyptic, chop-sake chuckle heads... Straight from the high life and right into your living room
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Instrumentals - Trap
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Instrumentals - Instrumentals with Hooks
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There's more about DJDM at the following locations: djdm.com My SoundClick site Myspace Click here for a partial list of my music credits
Meat Distributors   This takes me back. Turns out that an interview and some pics along with a review of an old album from my mid 90s industrial band Meat Distributors are still online!

You can look over the goods from the zine "Last Sigh" here.: https://www.lastsigh.com/feature/meatdistributors/meatinterview.htm
Been Busy and Stuff   I come to you exhausted but oh so happy. So you may have noticed that I've been away for some time. Well I have a great excuse. Aside from a move across town and a fair amount of work I was blessed (along with my wife of course) with a beautiful baby boy back in July named Alexander. He's a cutie that keeps us on our toes and tends to eat up a lot of our free time. Hence the lack of posting and sleep. But he's great, we're great and things are enormously good.

In other news I'm working on a new game soundtrack to the follow up to Build-a-lot (which I also scored right after Alex was ...
What up?   I'm sure as many of you do I like the new features. I think this will help propel SC into the networking next gen post haste.
stay fresh!
guess your boy was born july 2008. mine too bro. i know all about not having creative time on your hand, but for a good cause. cheers frm montreal! ps. my boy's name is charles.
Angelika and Demons
Happy New Year! Love, good health, happiness, success! Let all your dreams will come true! Kisses Angelika
Happy New Year to you and your family and hope you had fun with baby Alex at Christmas ! Best wishes Karen
Just want to send you a happy holiday message! Looking forward to hearing more of your tunes in 2009.
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