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Electronic : Electronica
DJ Drunken Master? That electronic beat mutha FXXXer! I'd say he is one of those slap happy, funky, pre-apocalyptic, chop-sake chuckle heads... Straight from the high life and right into your living room
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Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Mystique Beatz
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
Chill HipHop Beat
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There's more about DJDM at the following locations: djdm.com My SoundClick site Myspace Click here for a partial list of my music credits
Meat Distributors   This takes me back. Turns out that an interview and some pics along with a review of an old album from my mid 90s industrial band Meat Distributors are still online!

You can look over the goods from the zine "Last Sigh" here.: https://www.lastsigh.com/feature/meatdistributors/meatinterview.htm
Been Busy and Stuff   I come to you exhausted but oh so happy. So you may have noticed that I've been away for some time. Well I have a great excuse. Aside from a move across town and a fair amount of work I was blessed (along with my wife of course) with a beautiful baby boy back in July named Alexander. He's a cutie that keeps us on our toes and tends to eat up a lot of our free time. Hence the lack of posting and sleep. But he's great, we're great and things are enormously good.

In other news I'm working on a new game soundtrack to the follow up to Build-a-lot (which I also scored right after Alex was ...
What up?   I'm sure as many of you do I like the new features. I think this will help propel SC into the networking next gen post haste.
sunshine514 guess your boy was born july 2008. mine too bro. i know all about not having creative time on your hand, but for a good cause. cheers frm montreal! ps. my boy's name is charles.
Angelika and Demons Happy New Year!

Love, good health, happiness, success!
Let all your dreams will come true!


KT-B Happy New Year to you and your family and hope you had fun with baby Alex at Christmas !
Best wishes
mrwoowoo Just want to send you a happy holiday message! Looking forward to hearing more of your tunes in 2009.
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