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Demetrios Katis
European Union, Greece
Born on December 29, 1973.
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Classical : Symphonic
EPIC, MYTHOLOGICAL & HISTORICAL, FICTION & FANTASY MUSIC SCORES FOR FILM & VIDEO. Contemporary versatile artist and composer of songs, score music and epic orchestral compositions for television and film. Demetris@KatisMusic.com
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City Mist
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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Instrumentals - Trap
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About Me
Demetrios Katis MULTI AWARD WINNING COMPOSER of Epic Scores * LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS WINNER - Best Classical 2007 *HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS Winner - Best Classical / Orchestral 2008 *LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS – Hollywood F.A.M.E Awards Winner – International Best Conposer 2008, He was presented with a framed HOLLYWOOD STAR from 'walk of fame'. * BILLBOARD World Song Contest music Awards WINNER - Soundtrack / Electronica 2008 * 'EMI Platinum Disc Winning Composer'. * Mayor of Athens Mr. N.Kaklamanis presents to Demetrios the Award of Honor of the City Hall. * US AMBASSADOR to Greece Mr.' Daniel V. Speckhard' presents the "Special Music" AWARD to composer DEMETRIOS KATIS at the "Euro American Women's Council" Artemis Award Ceremony, July the 7th, 2010 hosted by the renowed American journalist RITA COSBY. The ceremony took pla...ce at renowed 'Zappeion Megaron" - Athens Greece. *tMayor of Portland Maine, ED SUSLOVIC honored Demetrios presenting him with the Golden Key to the Town. *'Award of Hellenism' by The Order of AHEPA, 2008 for Outstanding Work performance on the “THE BACCHAE” by Euripides (ancient Greek tragedy), at the Community Performing Arts Theater Media, Pennsylvania,USA. • ‘West Coast Songwriters’ Honorable Mention • “John Lennon’’ music awards – Honorable Mention • “100% Songwriting contest – Winner France 2008 * 'Just Plain Folks Music Awards' official Nomination 2006 * His 1st album released via POLYGRAM at the age of 17. * Greece’s biggest selling hard rock / metal band of all time “EXORISTOI” was founded by Demetrios Katis in 1989 –Gold & Platinum record EMI * Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra performed & recorded Demetrios's masterpieace "Arrogance and Fear" *Sidney Olympic Games’s American maestro Robert Ian Winstin conducted & recorded Demetrios’s music work “Arrogance and Fear” which released via ERM Media. * The board of directors of the ‘Greek educational institute’ unanimously approved Demetris' "Blazing March" to be included as part of the high school curriculum in music * 'LIONS Best Young composer Music Award' Winner * Demetrios hosts the TV Shows 'MetalMania' & 'Star Club' for the Greek National TV in the 90s Demetrios produces & presents his own radio programme : "The Dance of the Danans" on "Athens 9.84 FM" * ARTEMIS AWARDS HONOREE 2009 by the Euro-American Women's Council. * Demetrios musical work, "Europe Hymn and Duty", featuring the lyrics of Kostas K. Katis (veteran journalist IF J), James Edwards (British Royal Opera) on tenor vocals and Joe Lamachia (CNN,MIRAMAX) as a narrator. "Europe Hymn and Duty" is an epic musical tribute to the historic course of the United Europe, released on CD. * Numerous US, EU & Canadian film music publishers (Boosey & Hawkes, Dennis Music, Kool Music, Octobertunes, Abaco Library, Feature Sounds, Manifest Media, Sonichouse Publishing, ERM Media, Atlanta Music Group, etc) sign contracts with Demetrios Katis. * The VICE PRESIDENT of the European Union Commission Mr GUNTER FERHEUGEN writes & sends a personal letter to Demetrios to warmly congratulate him for his Musical Project 'Europe Hymn & Duty', July 2005 * The CULTURAL FOUNDATION of the OFFICIAL UNION of JOURNALISTS in Athens honors & awards Demetrios for his music work at the Union’s Hall on 3rd of June 2008. * NOBEL PRIZE WINNER DR. CHRISTOS ZEREFOS HIGHLY SPEAKS FOR DEMETRIOS WORK AT THE ATHENIAN OFFICIAL HALL OF JOURNALISTS ON MONDAY 3RD, JUNE 2008. *member of the 'International Federation of Journalists' Brussels & member of the 'Journalists Union of Athens'
hey demetrios, se evlepa sti metal mania... me tipota den pisteuo tin exelixi sou. den ginontai auta ta pragmata!!!!!!!!!!! poli xairomai pou xanavrika ti mousiki sou....diladi stin ellada se xasame?? kalo tha itan ena live
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Hi Demetrios, I just want to say,that your music is magnificent.I love your tunes and I'm very excited to find them.I love classical music.Have a good luck and stirring day :)) Zeirna
Hi Demetrios, It's been a little while since I've made it over here, I've been real busy building some new stations and having fun discovering different kinds of music on S/C. You know, the more I listen to your rock, the more I like it! I stopped by to tell you about this fellow I found on YouTube who is playing the oldest music in recorded history on a lyre he made to duplicate that of King David. He has some very ancient Grecian songs also, and I could hardly think of anyone who might enjoy or appreciate seeing them more than you. He also has a page on myspace, with free downloads and his URL is included in the blog. Quite a trip, this person, he has done tons of research into ancient music and shares it all quite prolifically. I still love Spirit of Athens and play it regularly, with or without the accompanying art slide show. :-) There are just some songs you can never get enough of and that one is one of those for me. Hope all is well and that you are in good spirits! Terri
Hi Dementrios, Thanks for stopping by my page a couple of days ago and leaving me such a nice message. I'm new to this website, so while I had no trouble finding your awesome music page straight away, it took me a bit of time to locate this one...a process of utilizing your basic cause and effect click and go games. ;-) Your music is beyond awesome...you are definitely "gifted"...although I'm sure you've worked your buns off along the way, no doubt. Too bad they cancelled ROME on HBO...your music would have fit the bill to a tee! Did you happen to catch any of those episodes? Well worth seeing, if not. Well, so you have a VERY appreciative audience here, and I look forward to watching what happens next...I'm sure it will be QUITE an excellent adventure for you and your band. Y'all are on your way now...and major congratulations on your 2007 awards! Best of luck in 2008...with highest regards, Terri (aka: LadyHawk)
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