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Online club established by long-standing Soundclick artists. Music challenges, themed players, artist interviews, discussions, info, news. All welcome!
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The Clickers Club has been set up by long-standing artists here at Soundclick. There will be music challenges, artist interviews, music updates and news. The aim is to encourage interaction and enjoyment at the site. Musicians and listeners all welcome!
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We're an online music/social club set up by 2 long-standing Soundclick artists. Our aim is to enhance the Soundclick experience by organizing themed song players, quarterly song challenges, information sharing, blog discussions & interviews. We hope to stimulate the creative process, encourage interaction & help establish new friendships.
Latest Events Any 2 Songs Player - now until July 27th Easy Relaxing Spacey Cosmical Awesome Tunes Mix Challenge and Online Party (July 28th - 8 pm UK time)
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Any Two Songs Player!!  

Any Two Songs starting Saturday!   Any two songs in your list. Send them out and they will be posted Saturday morning. PM us here at the Clickers Club .

Clickers Club
Next Challenge Easy Relaxing Spacey Cosmical Awesome Tunes Mix   Hello my Fabulous Furry Clickers!

I hope this summer finds you wiling away the warm relaxing hours wondering what song you will compose for our next Clickers Club Challenge which will be held on Saturday July 28th.

Well this time we are going a bit random with the theme, but we believe it will be a rewarding theme. As summer usually means summertime fun with woody's and surfboards and all that, there is also the aspect of relaxation. Or maybe relaxing with your mind in the cosmos.

Let me explain: The Challenge this time will be a chill or relaxing tune. (It can be upbeat, but remember the ...
Hi, Rodz I donĀ“t think that for the moment the admins would answer to our questions.... I sent an email to the staff asking about the missing "edit" function on our message editors, still no answer..... after 2 weeks. Anyway I can confirm, no notifications for song adds. Cheers to the music, -Spin-
Bob Forbes
Now that you mention it Rodz, I haven't noticed station add notifications since switching to the new version. I've added my latest song - and it seems to be working.
I keep trying Bob, but there's always something to stop me working in my studio lately. I've had lots of ppl telling me they don't get notifications any more when their song is added to a station. Anyone else discovered this or had any info from the admins? A bit worrying as it could look like the artist hasn't bothered to thank ppl for adding their songs - unfortunately we are in the dark when this happens now.
Bob Forbes
A new Rodrica tune perhaps :^))))
Clickers Club
It's definitely not you Bob, things always seem to go quiet around the Summer holiday season. I'll hopefully have a bit more time by the end of July, so I'll have to find a way to liven things up a bit :) Rodz
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