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Online club established by long-standing Soundclick artists. Music challenges, themed players, artist interviews, discussions, info, news. All welcome!
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The Clickers Club has been set up by long-standing artists here at Soundclick. There will be music challenges, artist interviews, music updates and news. The aim is to encourage interaction and enjoyment at the site. Musicians and listeners all welcome!
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We're an online music/social club set up by 2 long-standing Soundclick artists. Our aim is to enhance the Soundclick experience by organizing themed song players, quarterly song challenges, information sharing, blog discussions & interviews. We hope to stimulate the creative process, encourage interaction & help establish new friendships.
Latest Events Summer Solstice Sizzlers Player: June 9th -30th
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Summer Solstice Sizzlers Player  

Summer Solstice Sizzlers Player   Okay Clickers Club members, we're now up and running on the new version of Soundclick! So use the new version to access our page and check out all the latest events.

We will have a new player up on Saturday June 9th, so we are asking our members to submit up to 3 Summer related songs (collaborations count as a separate artist). Any genre, old or new songs welcome. The player will run until June 30th and you can submit any time up to 28th June.

As usual, send us a PM with your song links. Here are instructions on the easiest way to do this:

Make sure you use the NEW VERSION SOUNDCLICK ...
Continue Clickers Club or not?   For the time being we can run the Clickers Club using the old version of Soundclick. But what about the future?

Here are a few technical facts:

1. We have been unable to find a way to embed AUTO-PLAY players on our members page. So our main means of announcing new member songs, introducing new members to the community and making our page into an immediate vibrant and fun place will no longer exist. Would players where you have to hit play be of any use?

2. There are no stats for our members page any more, so it will be impossible to tell if the members are interested in our current ...
rodrica Does anyone else get a blank panel after they've posted on a message board? The message gets posted, but I have to refresh the page to see it.
FendrGuitPlayr Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Swampman Have a great weekend clickers
FendrGuitPlayr Thank you!
FendrGuitPlayr Rodz, I got the info from the admins to do it the new way - click on gearchoose which playlistchoose change order or embed playlist...all's well now :)
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