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Claes Norden
Stockholm, Sweden
Born on July 17, 1958.
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Pop : Pop General
Swedish guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer of melodic pop/rock/jazz songs and instrumental music.
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About Me
Swedish guitarist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and composer of melodic pop/rock/jazz songs and instrumental music. I've composed, and produced music since the age of 15. Directly to the music page
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What Makes This Song Great?   I'd like to recommend this youtube playlist for anyone who like me likes to experiment with arranging pop/jazz music. A guy named Rick Baeto analyses how various world hit songs from 70-80-90's are built up. Among them are songs by Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, and David Bowie. It gives many clues to why some songs are so great - it's not just the special voice or charisma of the lead singer, which you sometimes mistakenly may think.

What Makes This Song Great?:
When Claes talks, Soundclick obeys ;)   It is very funny that I just last week wrote my previous comment where I complained that Soundclick seemed to have stagnated! Now already there's this new 4.0 version live. I could not have received a response more quickly. :)
Soundclick now feels a lot more up to date with how web sites and social media everywhere today are designed. So now I became challenged to handle my personal stagnation; cannot blame SC any more for that...
Completely you   After a couple of years with fading inspiration I have managed to write and produce a new song. Here it is - Completely you.

Part of my lack of inspiration is due to Soundclick's apparent stagnation, at least in terms of design and functionality development. I have the feeling that not many are really using it any longer. What about you others? Do you still find it alive and vital or do you know of some newer and better service/community?
evan paul Your new song is absolutely beautiful Claes, I just got back home from a long drive, and it really sooth me. I'm afraid I've not been very active lately, I've been building this house at Wasaga Beach, fourth year at it, doing it solo until this past weekend, finally I got some help to install the trusses and the roof, should be smooth sailing after I get the shingles on, mind you still a lot of work, but not as hard as framing. Unfortunately I have no internet there, I go to McDonald's wifi from time to time, but it's a drive there and not that convenient.
spinaceto76 Hi Claes!

Yes indeed, I saw that even Tolgar heard your "call", and so the new version 4 of soundclick is finally there!!!! ;) ;)

Please have a nice evening my friend! -Spin-
spinaceto76 Hi Claes!

Ha, your words were heard from Soundclick.... the new version is on line!! Take a look, may be you will like it more now!
Cheers ! :D
spinaceto76 last edited on Sun May 13, 2018 @ 02:53 PM You are welcome my friend!

Cheers to the music Claes, please just keep going on with your distinctive music! :D

softsong Pleasure was all mine. terrific song! keep the creativity flowing!

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