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Brianadiamond Renee
Anaheim, CA  USA
Born on September 1, 1988.
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About Me
Whats gud people This iz ya girl: Brianadiamond But You can call me: Diamond Baby I was born in the LBC But I was raised in the OC I'm 22 years young I'm Black, Pacific Islander and Indian I love to have fun & I love to make new friends So get to know me I'ma real coo type of chick I'm always happy No one can turn my smile upside down :) I'm into dancing & singing I write a lot: Poetry and Music If you have any ?'s Fill free to ask :) Just message me :) I'm a real open person :) *~*(Add My Other Sites)*~* www.twitter.com/SwEeT_aNd_TaStY www.youtube.com/user/candikissez696
Time For Me To Disappear   Please talk to me,
One last time,
Look in my eye's,
Before I die.
Please tell me,
That you don't care,
So when I go I won't feel the bad,
For leaving you here.
I wouldn't call you fake,
I'd call you more you like unknown,
Because I don't know if what's real,
Is the hidden or the shown.
I'd say I'm not in love,
But I love you just the same,
Though I guess love doesn't matter much,
When your life is just a game,
So its time for me to disappear.
Written By:
Brianadiamond Renee
I Want To Be With You   As you walked across the room,
I watched you,
I got a feeling inside me,
Damb that's what I want.
I couldn't keep my eye's off of you,
I thought you probably didn't notice me.
But then damb,
Out of know where you came,
You sat with me,
At a lost for words,
I sit there looking stupid.
You asked me if I wanted to dance,
I froze up,
I didn't know what to say,
Then after a minute later,
I said I would love to dance with you.
We danced,
All night long,
I felt this warm feeling,
When I was looking into your eye's.
You whispered in my ear and said...
I'll Break Your Face   You trying to shut me down,
Oh no not this time,
It won't happen,
Cuz when I'm done wit you,
Aint nobody gon be clappin.
You think your slick,
Well i'ma little bit slicker,
You think your quick,
Well guess what bi*** i'ma little bit quiker.
You keep comin around ma block,
Let me ask you a question,
Do you think your some big shot.
But listen bi***,
When I'm done with you,
There won't be no trace,
Just a fragment of a bone,
From your f***in face.
I'm catchin up to you,
You better quicken your pace,
Because listen baby,
If I catch you,
I'm warning you,
I'm gon break your f*...
Greetings from "Hot'Lanta", GA... Thank you for including me in your list of friends!!!
Daz wa gwan Bay B!!! U da BEST!!! I love u MORE!!!
Hey Bay!!! Thx 4 da support!!! It'z MUCH appreciated!!! I love u, wit dat Major love!!!
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