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Orville Jenkins
Arlington, TX  USA
Born on July 21, 1948.
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About Me
I have played and sung since I was a child. I grew up in the radio business, and was billed as the Youngest DJ in the World, beginning on the air at age 9 (Record World and Billboard magazines, 1959 at age 11). I played tenor saxophone from 5th grade, taught myself to play guitar my first year in college, organized a music group the next year, and have been involved in some form of music ever since. I have been leader of rock and jazz groups, and played in a blues group for a few years. I can play whatever the band plays, and specialize in blues or rock sax styles. I primarily play tenor saxophone in the contemporary Christian worship team in my church.. styles: Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, Christian contemporary, African jazz. I have lived in Kenya, South Africa and Cyprus as well as US states of Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas and Oklahoma. I am an anthropological linguist and a specialist in cultural worldviews and cross-cultural communication.
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