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chris jones
Big Cat Daddy
Mountan top, Whoville  USA
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LaughingSkull Dear friend,
with some pride I report that the fourth LaughingSkull album 'Birthright' has just been released.
pierre67 Hi Chris,
Thanks for your visit, I'll try to catch up with your work, I must admit I've gone off the radar for a while myself as I've had a very busy year to date. But things are looking up and I will check out things on-line soon - work is all very well (and even making music can be work!) but it's nice to have some down time now and again.
All the best,
rodrica Excellent news Chris - really pleased and excited for you! It's always great to hear when things are a success....and it's particularly hard in this current global climate. Fantastic that you've got things working so well!
pierre67 Hi Chris,
It seems the interest on here isn't what it was but I thought some Christmas greetings would still be appreciated.
So have a great one!
aka Pierre6760 and Fonica Monica
rodrica Hiya, stop by and give me an update as to how things are going at your new studio when you've got a moment. It was pretty impressive stuff watching the videos on how it all got put together...and it all happened so fast!

Take care, Rodz
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