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Below Average Dave
Below Average Dave -badave.com
Born on April 23, 1982.
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Podcasts : Parody
We represent the AmIRight Parody website, containing some of the most powerful non-Weird Al parodists on the internet.
Podcasts : Parody
A man writing parodies just because. .singing and writing is fun
Podcasts : Comedy
Rex Ungericht is a well known parody author from AmIRight, these are recordings done by Below Average Dave, another AmIRight parodist.
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About Me
Hey, you found Below Average Dave. . .hope you enjoy my parodies, if not, well hope you have a volume thingy on your speakers!
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Added Every Call I Make to his playlist Am I Right Community Network. Jul 28, 2018
Added Everyone Loves Chiquita to his playlist Am I Right Community Network. Jul 22, 2018
Updated his about me. Jul 10, 2018
Added He Likes Cock to his playlist Am I Right Community Network. Jun 25, 2018
Liked Below Average Dave's song Bad Barber Again. Jul 26, 2015
Liked Jeff Reuben's song Cross-Eyed Girl. Mar 14, 2015
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parodies...silly keyboard. Haha
Dave you still around? I got new paodies, and was wondering what is new with you. Cheers, Rocky
Tommy Turtle
[last edited on Thu Mar 1, 2012 @ 04:14 AM]
Hey Dave, thanks for adding my John Edwards parody to your station! I expect to be posting more over the coming days and weeks, as my producer gives his permission. Now I see why you didn't like the title of my Dec. 2008 parody, "I'm Not Gay". I really should have added to the title, in parentheses, (Sen. Larry Craig). I wish I could change it retroactively, but you can't do that. But at least you read it, and saw that it was targeted to his hypocrisy, not his orientation. Anyway, thanks again!
I'm sorry but, I cannot offer you love and kisses, like Miss Jessica Sebahive but, I can offer my vocals, guitar, keyboards and production capabilities to the Amiright All Stars. Thanks again, Rick.
Hello, I am interested in joining the Amiright All Stars. Please let me know how I go about it, Dave. Thank you, Rick Cormier
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