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J-sipp mack
Beatdown ent
atlanta, ga  USA
Born on January 1, 1985.
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Instrumentals : Hip Hop
HipHop : Hardcore Rap
down south, gangsta,
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About Me
J-sipp gained interest in music as soon as he was old enough to know what it was. Knowing he has a talent and not knowing how to express it, Sipp grabbed music and ran with it. From playing percussion and trumpet, Sipp also rapped which led him to making beats. Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi he was taught at a young age to do for himself. At the age of 16, just after he started working on his first project, Sipp grandfather died. Time out for rapping was the words and actions of Sipp so he put down the pen and headed to the streets. Two years later Sipp found a way to escape the streets for a better life which brought him to Jacksonville, Florida as part of his military obligation."God blessed me to have options other than the streets so I took it" As fate would have it just upon finishing his time in the military Sipp resparked an interest in music. After a few mixtapes and tons of features, Sipp is currently at work on his own album titled "As Tha Blunt Burns" which promises to be the album of the year.
AY thanks for the add and comin thru showin that DUVAL LOVE ya dig ... I gotta mixtape thats droppin this summer ... not sure of when the date gonna be but I see ya doin the beat thang so I might come thru and holla bout some ... keep it trill
Dvine Culprit
hahahahaha ghetto?! lolz na bro...nt me....kinda wish i cud go 2 d ghettoz c w@ itz lyk ova dea c0z hea...wel...South Auckland iz d ghetto ov dis country...n im dwn d otha end wea hip hop iz makin a stand...lolz bt ye...na diz iz js me..aint fittd 2 any catagory...aint ghetto, aint rollin, aind scandalous..or nahem..im js me..lolz if u gt d@ ae...
Dvine Culprit
hei! lolz soz bou d l8 rply...tru tru u go hard fulla...wen eva u gtz sum nu stuf dwn drop me a line n let me chek it out... w@ u gtz upz ta dis wkend? me..nahem muj js laxd it wit ma boy... klapz it bkz wen eva peace outiez one love DVC
Dvine Culprit
nahem muj ae....js dwn on ma flowz...wrkn hard. hw bou u? klapz it bkz DVC
Dvine Culprit
Hei fulla...aii wel ima b d 1st ta drop y0 a line...n shottiez f0 d addy, will add u... keep up w@ u do, keep in touj Peace Outiez One Love DVC
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