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Ivar Hansen
Eidsvoll verk, Norway
Born on April 12, 1962.
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Alternative : Experimental
Ballademaker my home studio and korg karma, makes ballads, new age, blues, classic music. share music with other musicians,doing collab with other musicians
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About Me
55 years old, teaching in piano and keyboard. playing since age of 9. have korg karma ,korg kronos, yamaha v 50, roland xp80 and roland d50 and a modul tx802 yamaha. beside that i use karma mw 1.3.2 and logic 9 and vst omnisphere2 and stylus rmx drum vst.I build up own studio . Now i work on produktions of ambient music to use in therapy, or just to give people a place to calm down. I live in Norway on a place called Eidsvoll. Ive got a award last year in La from akademika best instrumental /ambiente song . Proud of that . Ballademaker/Ivar Fritjof Hansen.
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Ballademaker   Hello every one out ,there i am a man from Norway my biggest hobby is to make music, i have met so many great people here at soundclick, want to thank all of you for your good comment about my music. if some one out there want to make a song with me tell me, if my style appear to you, so enjoy my songs and video here at soundclick. ita great place to be share knowledge about making music , help other people with there problems abpout gear and how things function. like audio problems and midi prblems and use of seaqencers. etc..... and nice that people share there great sound too , as ...
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