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Hans Boos
Assorted People Music
Lehigh Acres, FL  (country)
Born on July 6, 1966.
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Rock : Rock General
Assorted People is a group that formed originally in Staten Island, New York. All original music with brothers Hans Von Bous & Lee Sommers (Hans Boos & Lee Boos). Progressive styling to almost folk, Christian, hard rock, various.
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About Me
Early in their youth, Lee Sommers and Hans Von Bous played in different bands. Mostly Rock, Southern Rock or Progressive Rock groups. Lee had a successful run with a Southern Rock group called Mountain Ash that performed in the New York Area, as well as several notable solo performances... Hans had a three year stint with a New Jersey based group called Consept and a 10-year position with Circle The Sun in Florida. Both had various other assignments in between those mentioned... As for most of us, family obligations and getting a "real job" stopped the dream dead in it's tracks for them. However, the drive and the desire to write and record music has never left. Hans's role with assortedpeople: Bass, drums, guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboard, lyrics and arranging, web design. Lee's role with assortedpeople: Lead and rythem guitar, lead and backing vocals, keyboards, arrangements, production and mixing. Why this name? Hans and Lee were sitting at home and Hans saw a can of assorted nuts, He said lets name the group assorted something or another and Lee said how about people. It stuck. At the present time they write and record songs in the home studio, Shadow Cafe. How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry? It helps guys like Assorted People get their music out. Would they sign a record contract with a major label? If they had the chance they would jump on it. Lee Sommers(Name de la stage)has been playing guitar since right about when they invented it... We think he played the first "rock" guitar - in that it was built out of stone. Hans Von Bous(name de la bullshitta es la staga)Has been playing several instruments for many years. For years they have played music together and have written hundreds of songs. They would sometimes be the entertainment at family get togethers, etc... Lee being the elder brother had musical experience first and was an inspiration to his younger brother, Hans. Lee played in a band called Mountain Ash and jammed guitar at home sometimes, playing the acoustic and singing John Denver and such. Hans joined in with harmonies and started playing drums on a banjo skin. Later the kit grew to paint cans, bass drums, snares, and other household percussion objects. Lee's guitar playing talent progressed and Hans picked up other instruments along the way and they both put together what they could eventually both contributing renditions of several instruments, voicings, styles, etc... leading to present time in the home studio referred to as The Shadow Cafe'utilizing the Korg d16xd - digital recorder and electronic drums, keys, guitar and bass and vocals and 30 years collective experience. ... Our influences? Lee's first infuence was country rock and John Denver. Then moved on to Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and rush. As for Hans he was greatly infuenced by Led Zepplin, ala John Bonham and Rush ala Neil Piert. Favorite spot? N.Y.C. however they live in sw. Florida now. Equipment used: Lee: boss gt8. Strat, Les Paul, Yamaha portable grand dgx-505, Roland GW7 workstation, and Ibanez. Hans: Fender precision bass, Yamaha acoustic guitar, In the studio yamaha DTXPRESS II dig. drums. Studio:Korg d16xd digital recording system. digitech vocal 300, Alesis Microverb III, Alesis Quadraverb, Lexicon MX400, BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i(head phone world)
I like the new look of your page!
Hiya Hans, hope all is well with you. Not on here so much so took me a while to find the friends link! Have heard some great music already and I'll be back for more!
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