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Angelika and Demons
Moscow, Russia
Born on June 29, 2005.
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Metal : Goth Metal
Angelika & Demons is a goth metal Internet project.
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Twisted (Travis Scott Type Beat) Industry Dark.
Instrumentals - Trap
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Instrumentals - Classical
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About Me
I love music since my childhood, learned piano for 9 years, composed and recorded my first song when I was 2!:) I played piano, sang, gave concerts for my friends and classmates, my home-made albums had a big success. I had 2 bands, we spent wonderful time playing at home and recording tapes... We made drums from saucepans, and when our drummer was absent, I put a metal saucepan under a pedal of the piano and pressed it by foot.:) But after school I left music thinking that it is not a serious business for a modern girl, have got a lot of education, changed some jobs... and only in the autumn of 2005 when I was in the crisis point of my life thinking of death and what I can leave after me, I decided to make home records of my songs for Internet.... It seems that somebody in the Heaven liked my singing and decided to give me a "second chance". Since this time I changed a lot and came to God. Some people call me an Angel and believe I bring them success. So this way project Angelika and Demons was born, and now thousands already listened to my songs. I made collaborations with great musicians and bands here on Soundclick.com as JC Carroll from London, Nightshade Kiss from USA, Tony McCormack - Vampire Division, Inkubus Sukkubus from UK, Gamma Leonis from USA, etc. In December 2009 project Angelika & Demons released a first (demo) album EASY DEATH which you can buy now on Itunes, Amazon and Rhapsody!
VHR Radio   Angelika & Demons comes to Germany!

German Web Radio VHR is now playing our songs Angel and Close to Heaven.

Visit and listen to the Radio VHR:



Rock, Pop, RnB and Dance

New radio stations are playing Angelika & Demons   Please check out the stations, all of them are great, sure you'll find something to your taste.

Angelika & Demons + Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis?

Yes, it is real!

Radio Rock UK - The Best Music You Ever Heard

1970s' British Rock and Progressive and New Progressive Music

Oxford, United Kingdom

Radio Rock UK broadcasts a mixture of British classic rock and progressive music from the 1970s with some 60s and a little 80s. Radio Rock UK plays the tracks that other stations no longer play: the forgotten tracks and the long twenty minute or even thirty minute tracks. This station looks back to ...
New stations   New radio stations which recenty took Angelika & Demons' tracks for airplay:

1. Maximum Threshold Radio - The Absolute Hardest Rock and Blistering Metal


Maximum Threshold is an internet radio show dedicated to presenting up and coming hard rock bands and current successful bands. MT also brings you some of the biggest names in the music industry every week for interviews. Everything from Rockstars to Comedians to Actors.

MTRS Saturday's Live 8-11pm EST
(440) 709-4977 - Call in Live

2. Spirit Imprints Radio (India) - New Age, Talk, Meditation

audiochosis Happy New Year!
AuDioChosis and the Crew.

ljgriggs Greetings from "Hot'Lanta", GA (USA)... Thank you very much for including me in your list of friends!!!
old lung sign Friend, you might wanna here my new upload: House of Stone and another version of Ritual Pigs.
Anesperon Hallo,thank you for accepting our req.Beautyfull music,best of luck to you!!!
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