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Rock : Psychedelic Rock
2 SUNS' music is dedicated to Love & Peace! Socially conscious, indie rock. The next generation of hippies creating a LOVE REVOLUTION! Makes you want to smile and get up and dance. Produced by Lee Curreri in Marina Del Rey California.
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About Me

Socially conscious, contemporary, world rock with fresh female vocals amazing guitar layers and awesome production.  Makes you want to smile and get up and dance.  Produced by Lee Curreri in Marina Del Rey California.  The vibe and the message of  2 SUNS is very timely for the world right now!

2SUNS Bio  

Throughout the years, in spite of trends and fashion, 2 SUNS have created heartfelt and hopeful rock n’ roll that has struck a chord in people searching for hope and positivity instead of the cynicism and negativity of so much modern music. From the hard streets of New York City to the bucolic quiet of their current home in Sedona, Arizona, 2 SUNS have stayed true to their vision of what music can be, and on their new album, "Love Revolution", their message of love and peace is more timely than ever. In fact, it seems as though the times may have finally caught up with them.

2 SUNS' new release

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