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Secret Lie
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Rock : Goth Rock
Born in 2011, SECRET LIE is made up by Pedro Teixeira ( Corvos), who is not only the composer and violinist, but also the projects mentor; Nuno Correia (Forgotten Suns), on bass; Tiago Ramos (Imperio dos Sentados) on drums; Adelino Duarte (Sunset 91) on
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About Me
- Born in 2012, SECRET LIE is made up by Pedro Teixeira Silva (Corvos), who is not only the composer and violinist, but also the project’s mentor; Nuno Correia (Forgotten Suns), on bass; Tiago Ramos on drums; Tó Pica (Ramp, Anti-Clockwise) on lead guitar; Adelino Duarte (Sunset 91) on guitar and vocals; Nuno Louro (Spelling Nadja) on Keyboards; and Sara Madeira as lead vocalist, an amazing eighteen natural talent. - BEHIND THE TRUTH is their debut album, produced by Gustavo Carvalho. Mastering was carried out by well-known producer Mario Barreiros. - Other guest musicians who have worked on this recording project include: Cató - Quinta do Bill (acoustic guitar) João Ferraz - GNR, Ban (electric guitar) António Gonçalves - Miss Kyoto, Yolanda (electric guitar) Claudio Nunes - Corvos (cello) Irene Lima - Portuguese Symphony Orchestra Soloist (cello) Duncan Fox - Portuguese Symphony Orchestra (piano) Emídio Coutinho - Portuguese Symphony Orchestra (cello) Ajda Zupancic - Portuguese Symphony Orchestra (cello) Tommy Guitar - Atomic Fingers (acoustic guitar) Marco Cerruti - Thape studios (vocals) João Madeira - (piano) Poeta de Rua Coro Infantil Santo Amaro Oeiras - On May 18, 2012 SECRET LIE made their first public appearance in concert. Was the beginning of "The Debut Tour 2012". - The band has done some photo shoots owith renowned photographers : Rui Leal, João Paulo Wadhoomall and Renato Paz. - Secret Lie also participated in an event against hunger at Estadio da Luz, Lisbon, organized by Luis Figo and Sport Lisboa e Benfica. - The song "My Blood" is part of this season´s soundtrack of the famous "Morangos com Açucar" TV series. - The single "I Can be Free" premiered exclusively on the most listened to radio station in Portugal "Radio Commercial". - Secret Lie had immediate acceptance by radio stations around the world, making it one of the Portuguese bands whose sound reaches more countries worldwide: (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Sweden, Russia, Australia, USA, Greece, Venezuela, Norway, Cyprus, Czech Republic, India, Georgya, Bielorussia, Ukrania, Germany, Argentina, Lithuania, New Zeland, Mexico, Hungary, etc) - The band filmed their first music video in August for the song "Beautiful Wild Rose". - Only one week after having posted the single "I Can Be Free" on the digital market, Secret Lie reached #2 on the chart. - The single "I Can Be Free" reached #1 on the Vodafone music download chart. - The single "I Can Be Free" reached #1 on the charts of Don Fuas (portuguese radio station). - For 5 weeks the album "Behind the Truth" was at the top of the Portuguese Cd sales chart. - The band has participated in several TV shows on Sic and RTP (Portuguese national TV stations). - Secret Lie was the first Portuguese band to be on Balcony TV’s Top World Videos. - The Video "Beautiful Wild Rose" made it to the top of the most viewed Portuguese musical videos on Myspace and Sapo. -The site Made in Portugal considered "Behind the Truth" one of the 15 best Portuguese albums of 2012. - Made in Portugal and Correio da Manhã (portuguese newspaper) chose Secret Lie as 2012’s promising new Portuguese band. - The Band has a TV channel in Meo (Portuguese digital TV). - The band has given exclusive interviews to some music magazines: Fan Base, Tribe, Cord, Gothic Girl Art, DeezMag. - In January 2013 the song I Can Be Free, enters in airplay in one of the most important stations of National radio, RFM. - In January 2013 the song I Can Be Free, is part of the soundtrack of the prime time TV soap, Destinos Cruzados, in the most viewed National station, TVI. - In October 2013 the band play at Lisbon Rock Roll Marathon - Between February and March 2014 band Tour in UK - In April 2014 band won the FOX MUSIC USA Award for the best Rock band
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