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name: Steve
age: 71 years old
hometown: Sunnyside, NY, USA
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I'm Steve Suffet and I call myself an old fashioned folksinger. I was born in 1947, and I've been singing as far back as I can remember. My Mom was a jazz singer and she played the ukulele. She couldn't stand what she called "hillbilly music," so rebel that I was, when I was about five years old I used to insist on listening to Tennessee Ernie Ford sing Sixteen Tons. Around the same time I got a harmonica as a gift and I went around tooting it just to annoy people. Eventually, I learned to play a few simple tunes, like Oh, Susannah, and that drove everyone even crazier.

My Mom showed me a few chords on the ukulele, but I really never got into it. However, when I was in high school I spent $17 and bought a Harmony Stella guitar, and from then on I was completely hooked. I started hanging out in New York City's Washington Square Park and I tried to absorb everything I heard. In a year or two I got my courage up to start performing in public. I never stopped.

The stuff I do I call folk music, but if you would rather call it roots music, or traditional music, or old time music, or even hillbilly music, that's OK with me. Essentially I take any song I like, from whatever source, and sing it in a manner that suits me. Sometimes I change the tune a little, and sometimes I change the words. More and more I find that I'm making up my own songs, but they always sound traditional. Old fashioned folksinger suits me just fine.
A Real Folksinger: Monday, March 26, 2007. Note: I first posted this blog here on SoundClick on February 15 of this year, and then I posted it again on March 13. I originally wrote it in 2001 to console a friend whose application to perform at the Old Songs Festival in upstate New York had been rejected. When that same festival later rejected my own application, I read it again and found that it was still just as true. It has since been reprinted several times, most recently by singer Bob Lusk of Ulster County, NY, on his own blog. The accompanying photo is of Pete Seeger, whom I consider the most real folksinger of all. Pete was performing at the People's Music Network Winter Gathering at the Renaissanc
Third CD: 2008
main album
Anne Price + Steve Suffet in
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Bowery Poetry Club in NYC 20
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Mimi LaValley + Steve Suffet
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Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival
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