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Evidence taken. Thoughts expected. None received. Words end at the heart's departure and disregards arrival. Sex. A process. A creation. Divine at times, shattered dreams for me. I don't remember...where it was I lost my way, and still I find my way to you. Now, I ask myself is that good or bad, right or wrong, glorified or demonized. I would if I could, but the strength escapes me like the words have suddenly to you. There is no message. There is no commitment. No decisions in the night. Drowned doubts in confident waters filled with memories and blessings. Now I'm the one drowning. Will I ever wake up from that lonely slumber to only find that it hasn't ended? Am I playing the scenarios in my mind as this process is happening, giving me the strength to awake from my coma to stop this life. If only it were true, that I could forget for I can't forgive. For I can't function, in lies of darkness. If only you were truthful.
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