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Marcus Anthony
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Marcus Anthony's SoundClick blog - Hoes and Heartbreak
Somebody's face is on the floor and it ain't mine...but I'll let you think it is. Yep, you just got dropped and you think you did the dropping. No, No, No...I'm a mastermind of convoluted words, meanings, ideas, and control. That's right...I controlled your every move and made you do what I wanted you to. So what are you going to do about it?....Oops I forgot you don't know....Damn, I wish I could tell you but I never actually saved your number in my phone like you did mine...soooo YEAH....ANYWAY...I hope you understand...You never 'peaked' my interest. Just something about you that didn't sit right with my soul...or my dick. Yea, I said it and I don't give a damn. What are you going to do or going to say. Hmmm, I'm arguing with myself and it feels good. Relieving the truth...I might hunt you down just to let you know. So you said you're leaving and 10 minutes later I got your text. "We're not going to work," is what you said. Hmmm but let me think...was it me keeping quiet when there were questions you wanted to ask? Was it me saying no when you tried to push up on me? OOOOOO, was it when I decided that I rather have a long phone conversation with a friend rather than talk to you when you were in my face? HAHAHA I'm priceless. Don't you see, it was me that decided for you. When you wake in the morning and decide not to text me....LIKE YOU BEEN DOING....I'll be happy, so will you. Then you'll think...Damn, I had something real and I let it go. You'll comeback and I'll say...NO HO...I LET YOU GO! NOW DEAL WITH THE HEARTBREAK
posted by Marcus Anthony on Mon Mar 2, 2009 @ 03:28 AM     post a comment
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