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Marcus Anthony
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Marcus Anthony's SoundClick blog - Why The F*** Do I Love You?
...And still the pain exists. Thought I let go of you when you said you were through. Thought I could live with you as just a friend.Thought many things about me and you, but all have proven to wrong. I accepted the fact that you'd love someone else, knowing all along you couldn't help but love me. But when it comes down to it, to know you're not with me hurts the most. Cause I was the solution to your problem and the answer to your question, that is clear as day for anyone to see but if this were a test, I'd have to give you an X cause you were wrong more than once before. I'm bleeding inside cause my heart just burst knowing another was the one o so close. Whats insane is that I feel this way and I know you're not the one to blame. Its me and my damn foolish heart for letting you in and refusing to let go. It was my fault cause you said that you'd let him be there and let me just stand here. Like I'm supposed to deal with the all of a sudden emotions flaring inside, when the true question arises...Why the f*** do I love you? That I cannot explain. You don't have to say a thing. I already know. You love me, but tomorrow you won't. Then you're feelings will come back and leave again telling you that you can have whoever you want. Why the f*** do I love you? O how I wish I could say I don't but these tears here would prove me wrong. Nothing you bring into my life is positive but the downhill slope is so fun. Misguided by you, I must move on, and I've known this. Damn, how I've known, but there's this feeling that like a sentence we'll run-on.

Why the f*** do I love you? To be honest, I don't know, but this is step 1 of letting go.
posted by Marcus Anthony on Mon Mar 2, 2009 @ 03:28 AM     post a comment
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