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ladeana michelle
  :: ladeana michelle is a member since 11/05/2008 --- this profile has been viewed 172,648 times
ladeana michelle's SoundClick blog - FIRST LISTEN: LaDeana Michelle's "NOT OVER U" Impacts 2.14.12!!
FIRST LISTEN: LaDeana Michelle's
UH-OH. Probably in the doghouse here on Soundclick.

I've been gone for WAY too long...but I've got good reason! Would writing a book series and working on films qualify as a good excuse? Gosh, I certainly hope so...because that's where I've been! We are putting together one of the largest deals EVER!!! I'll need your prayers...thank you!

NO. I'm not sick (thank GOD) or caught up in any other nonsense. In fact, I just had my annual health exam and all was 100% GREAT.

I didn't forget you!! Got a HOT new song for you that impacts this Valentine's Day entitled, "NOT OVER YOU". Preview it right here on Soundclick! It's up right now!! Then....

****DOWNLOAD on 2.14.12 exclusively through ITunes and everywhere else gets it after that....but YOU will be first!! Mark your calendars!!

****Let me know what you think, too!!

LOTS GOIN' ON!!!! I will be in touch!! As always, check the news you will see posted on my Soundclick sites.

Let me know what u think of NOT OVER U!!! Early critics are raving (it reminds them of classic Prince when he used to throw down on those love songs) but I want to know what YOU think!!

Much love 2 u!!
LaDeana Michelle
posted by ladeana michelle on Sat Feb 11, 2012 @ 10:31 PM     post a comment
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