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Eric Heisman and the Formation
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Eric Heisman and the Formation's SoundClick blog - Alicia Austin's artwork and our new tune
We had everything but the guitar and vocal track, as mentioned in the previous post. The song would not see too much fuzz or too dirty of a distortion, but the guitar is rockin' and leaves room for the listener to ride along with the melody brought in by the keys and by the bass. The lyrics were scribbled again quickly and other than some pronoun switcheroo and a few article changes, they came out very good, and fun. The song's lyrics came from some research i was doing about the passage between Antarctica and South America - The Tierra del Fuego, dragons, which became eventually ice dragons and the folk that lived along the southeast coast of South America.
I couldn't find much about folk living there, but i did find a children's book called The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin, and illustrated, first, by Alicia Austin. So i started writing about an image Ms. Austin created for the book that had critters standing around watching an ice dragon decorate a Christmas tree. a little girl in the book had befriended the dragon, so she is in the song, and i mention some of the critters. i wrote some about the sea, which is rough, so rough to traverse that the seaways used are between the islands on the south coast of South America. The Straits of Magellen, for example, is not around the continent, as i might have guessed, but through a bit of sea that provides calmer seas, between the islands.
Well, the song is almost mastered completely now, some minor tweaks would make the song ready for prime time. We have a shakers track that, while it fades out in the end, it doesn't fade in, and it is too dominant for the intro to be as gorgeous as it can be. We edited some drum tracks to unclutter the sound and some volume adjustments on those tracks can also make the composition shine. I also would like some of my bass tracks to get the unclutter treatment, but these are minor, easily done adjustments.
Ok, this tune got the name Alicia Austin, who is the first of three illustrators that have created art for Mr. Martin's story. The song, after all, is more about her artwork than it is about the story. after some tweaks, we will get to another tune. something with fuzz or distortion, maybe, lol.
Peace, friends, j
posted by Eric Heisman and the Formation on Mon Dec 4, 2017 @ 09:52 PM     post a comment
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