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yesterday was another great day in the studio! this tune started out being two guys talking about fuzz and distortion plans for their next song. well, the muse takes over. what we have is some nice rhythm tracks, a couple drum/metronome tracks Dave created led us through a round of Dave on drums and me on bass. the tracks are very good, but i was trying to make a melodic bass track, which it wasn't. so yesterday, i told Dave i wanted to create a melodic bass track off the bass track we had. i guessed it would suffice in providing me parameters for someth8ing melodic. he was cool with it and set up his synths and my bass, using his J bass. we managed to add two cool tracks and with maybe fifteen minutes left, we through together tracks with me on a synth and Dave on a sitar. no time for editing, so we'll get back to it soon, i hope. We need some distorted or fuzzy guitar, if it has surf-level reverb, i am ok with that, too. and lyrics. ok, that is today's update. not all of these blogs are updates, but this one is. have a super day full of music and love, peace, j
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