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While most describe themselves as bloggers, I simply self-desribe it as song-blogging. The reason is obvious. On one hand, I love "painting music" (tunesmith-ing) in my ART SONGS and HYMNS adventures, since 2009 I was kind of thrown into something I didn't know I was capable of doing, i.e., writing lyrics for another songwriter. Funny, because it does have the appearance that I write with purely secular and "hard-rocking" lyrical themes. Kidding aside, this expereince has actually given me an opportunity to introspect, imagine and dare on putting together words I never had the experience of doing early in my songwriting journey. In a way, I am thankful to my friend, Romeo Mascarinas (RCM) for pushing me (or, shall I say, he won't take no for an answer) that now writing lyrics, too, has become musch easier than I once imagined. In fact, I find song collaboration even more interesting and less-stressful than "a do-it-all" style of songwriting. Well, that's where I am right now in my creative writing journey. On the side, I still do my "tunesmith-ing" and collaborating with prolific writers (hymnists) long gone writing newer musical settings for Christian poetries and hymns, which is an altogether different adventure. (Fro 4/28/17)

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