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Kevin Boon
name: Kevin
age: 53 years old
hometown: Cambridge, ON, Canada
hobbies:Songwriting, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Writing, Blogging
favorite bands:The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, The Tragically Hip, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a whole bunch more...
favorite TV shows:The Hour, Sienfeld, Survivor
favorite books:Anything spiritually minded - like Deepak Chopra, Eckert Tolle and others...
religion: Spiritual but not religious
political: Middle of the road
humor: Goofy
lovestyle: Romantic
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My name is Kevin Boon and I live in Cambridge Ontario with my wife Karen. My friend Dan Pharoah introduced me to sound click and I want to explore the world of song writing and recording a little more... It's very exciting as I have a few interesting songs that are coming together.
New Songs Uploaded - New Day & Who Ever Thought...: Hope you like them...
These are both a different version of the same song written after the US Presidential Election. They tell a story that starts with a lady on a bus changing how the world perceives civil rights, to a preacher man inpiring us all and travelling to the mountain top to the present day and a man who will soon be the president of the United States...

Check out my blog for the full story behind the song as well as place to vote to tell me which version you like best...
Update for January 2009: There has been a lot going on since the start of the new year. First of all I have updated my blog site and now have a section for songwriting that I'll update periodically throughout the new year.

There are officially 3 songs that I have written today. The one Love is Free and Love is Free Take 2 was my first. You can check it out on my band page. The second is a new one called "New Day" which I hope to have available soon and the third is a song called "Broken Ego" which is an older song that I have done a little re-writing and re-working. Hope to have something soon.

For the meantime check out my blog at http://www.spiritinthevillage.com/song-writing or you can also follow ...
New Songs for 2009...: Just a quick update... So I changed the genre for my song Love is Free to Acoustic Rock which I think is a better fit for that song. I was listening to songs on the General Acoustic Genre and they seemed to be mostly Folk songs.

Have a couple of new songs in the works, Who Ever Thought & Broken Ego which I plan t record in the new year. More details to come...

You can check out my blog site at www.spiritinthevillage.com for my Top 5 Lists for 2008 (in a variety of categories)...

Have a safe and prosperous new year.

Me... 2
main album
Kevin, you were great at the Songwriter Cafe last night. Your songwriting is top notch. A lot of the local artists definately took notice of you. Great job!
:: posted by dankind on Tue Feb 24, 2009 @ 01:56 PM     
Dan Pharoah
Dan Pharoah
Rock - Rock General


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