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play band radio hi-fi   Klaatu (CT)  ()    add to fav band
 I am a self taught pianist and composer, I studied with various teachers to learn the basic rules of music, and then continue on my own so far.
play band radio hi-fi   Di Evantile  (Nice, very nice !!!!)    add to fav band
 Di Evantile is studio musician, and sound designer. Mainly work in ambient, new age, and electronic styles of music.
play band radio hi-fi   Piano Soulos  (Acoustic - Acoustic Piano)    add to fav band
 Piano Solos, Piano Music, best piano solos, piano solos pianist, classical music, relaxing, calm, easy listening
play band radio hi-fi   Cliff Rose  (Classical - Symphonic)    add to fav band
 My parents were both full time entertainers, my father a pianist and teacher, I was taught music from a young age. Beethoven was the first serious music I learned. I play keyboards, bass, a bit of guitar, and love to play jazz.
play band radio hi-fi   Hannes Johansson  (Nice, very nice !!!!)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   Painted Water  (World - New Age)    add to fav band
 My music is a collage of world themes and sounds. It is often peaceful and it sounds like it would belong in a movie soundtrack.
play band radio hi-fi   X-Sonic  (Pop - Pop General)    add to fav band
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