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virtual man
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virtual man
name: Diane
age: 39 years old
hometown: [unknown], United Kingdom
marital status: In a relationship
sexual orientation: No answer
smoker: I smoke and I love it
drinking habit: I drink too much
socially: I'm better in small groups
favorite bands:pink floyd tomita beatles Tangerine Dream wendy carlos Kraftwerk Pete Namlook Vir Unis
favorite movies:2001
favorite TV shows:Red Dwarf
favorite books:Journey to Ixlan
favorite magazines:sound on Sound
ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
body type: Slim / Slender
self-rated hotness: 2 - Uum, next question...
religion: Spiritual but not religious
political: Liberal
humor: Clever / quick witted
lovestyle: Passionate
children: Proud parent
education: High School graduate
income: < 25,000
living: With partner
employment: Work at home
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Go to http://www.reverbnation.com/virtualman for many more experimental / ambient music .
Virtualman has been at the forefront of the new ambient electronic music scene since 1975 when the first cheap synth, the Wasp, became available.

The ability of a piece of music to stimulate the imagination and transport the listener to another place in their mind without ever leaving their chair continues to fascinate him - so sit back, clear your mind and prepare to be transported!
Fear Itself: Virtualman
Fear Itself
Virtual review...
10 out of 0 to 10
A wild conglomeration of overwhelming media pours forth, then fades to leave a snythetic melody. Fear Itself, the one thing that stops us from making a crucial move, the one thing we run away from, fear of ourselves and what we might be capable of, fear of the unknown capacity, fear of the world and all its darkness. That darkness epitomising fear itself. We put it into a variety of forms, of which I could wax lyrical, devils and demons, maybe even in its right, awe-inpiring place, God. The fear of being good, the fear of doing right, the fear of doing without, the fear of being with. The fear of fear itself. Fear of...

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