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Your Music Played and Promoted Free during the Pier Gala Fireworks

Yes it is true if you visit JJays Global Music Community Home Page and send an email with an attached mp3 you can have your music publicly promoted for free during a Gala street party in the coastal town of Bognor Regis, West Sussex on Sunday 26 August 2012. Please read on to get some background of where and when everything will be happening, which by the way is under the 'Regenerate Bognor Regis Night Life' banner this year, and will have a horror, monsters and aliens theme.

The Gala Preparations

In order to have a successful Gala this year preparations and acquiring resources began months ago. The truck I secured back in January, which comes with a driver and all related insurances, and also an invite as a representation of Bognor Regis West Sussex Railway club was negotiated around the same time. I already had amplifiers and numerous cd decks, but I recently acquired the laser for the 'After Rock' party which will be very useful for the Gala Illuminations party float, other equipment is being secured at the moment including a 12 U rack to protect the equipment when the truck moves although sorry folks, it is my intention to prevent members of the public boarding teh truck this year. In 2012 I saw once or twice someone nearly fall of, and a young lady did slip down when getting on, had the truck moved and they gone under the wheels, although at slow speed, the sheer weight of the vehicle moving forward could have crushed them, anyway the height risks a fractured skull.

Your Music

If you have been reading the earlier part of this post you have the opportunity (with no catches) to have your music played in a heavily populated (assuming it does not rain of course) public place just by contacting the webmaster of the website already mentioned and sending them an mp3. If you are worried about your music being stolen just send part of it, sending all of it may be pointless anyway due to the fact the best time for music to be played is during the pier fireworks and they only last twenty minutes so long mixes will be cut short anyway in order to ensure that all music submitted gets some quality exposure (unless it is of a standard which cannot be played in which case even it hurts my eardrum you will not get the silent treatment from me I will email you with honest feedback ). Music I will already be playing will include USA artist, Shari Keller' s rock song falling down and Belgium born Andy De Baugh' s trance production 'Heavy Thoughts'. I think Julian R' s excellent progressive dutch production 'Change It Up' needs some play too, and then of course I need to play something good by John Samely, Jay Sissimo, Dj mood, Portal Z and Trance Portal but the decision regarding their music has not been made yet. I will ask Max Motion when he gets back off holiday what he would like played, or it could be he would like one of the collab productions he has made with me under our umbrella artist name 'Epic 2 The Max' which makes techno, trance and dubstep hybrids.

Other music and the dj team

After last years fiasco of not being able to acquire a truck to be used as a float and those assigned to the task in advance failing I was determined to do something a bit more special for the loyal regular visitors. So it is not me alone, here is the list

Ryan Hadwicke

Ryan is a very talented Bognor Regis dj who also played at Slinky' s 25th birthday, will definitely be there, and although you the regular visitors of JJasy Global Music Community (and all comers) will have your music played it is only fair he gets to use his own play list too if he has made the effort to turn up t
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