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Folks, when it is already decided to put a woman in the dark, because of money they earn more easy at the other side....they are able to anything....they are able to take ones daughter instead!

I have tried and tried and tried in here to explain my love for him, I have shared songs written for him, I have tried to get into the pass trhough, I have tried it all. But he never loved me for real, it was all a lie from start.

He promised me travels, trips around the world, i told him, ok accuse me for anything but dont choose things close to my apartment as I want to cancel that one myself. The only thing he did was offering me missions impossible, to get rid of me. Just to get rid of me...I am so sad, so sad today. I have backed down several times folks, in facebook, in real life, but I was never enough for him as it seems.

How can a man go behind ones back, when all is love one have given, and take ones daughter. The rumor tells me so....he must be a maniac without heart.....or forced to something else

So I have been waiting, hoping, and had a big baby project for us as my physics is very special...

He said to me shut up today, so I have no more choice than leave it, I am surprised that a man in his near 50 are acting som immature.
But ok, he can do whatever he like, I know in my heart that he is not the one deciding, I have people around me here playing their f***ing games, thinking that I would make a child with my x man, a forreigner, NOWAY!!!!!

There was only one man for me, and it does not matter what he thinks I will put my directions towards him, I will call him....soon. I wanna hear the truth....

All they are trying is to make me in the stadium sick in my head
and I have made a personalty test recently, there is no wrong in me.

I hope love u will be happy....I cant forgive this if it is true
I thought u really loved me, u promised me to travel the world, to get a summer house, u promised me life, u gave me light, u gave me life back again....

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