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So many people are searching for answers all the crazy that is happening in the world, the USA, neighborhoods, and families. Has the world gone mad? What is going on here? It is difficult to see ANY good in all the "bad!" People were Surprised by what happened during, and since November 2016. But, God was not surprised; God was Aware of the things going on in dark places, and what happens in the dark will be brought into the light! People of color were crying out for justice, for compassion, for change. And God answered the prayers by revealing the ROOT CAUSE of all the ugly police brutality and advancement of racial indifference. Black people were being targeted on a lot of purposeful fronts. Radical racism was being emboldened by what the hateful were doing in the dark. And White men and women were being targeted, too, with hateful rhetoric and lies intended to divide our great nation! But God knew and He revealed, because God Answers Prayer! He may not answer the way wr want him to but His IS the Right Answer! God has a plan, and he's working his plan! As painful as it is to experience America today, it had to happen for the US and the world to be made a better place. I am keeping my eye on the prize....keeping myself in good standing with God my Father, and being a clear, calm steady voice for what is right and fair. How about you? I will not be defeated by the spirit of division and sedition, which is being promulgated in the world by racial hatred, but I will stand against it by living life in excellence, and speaking life, and calling out racial hatred when I see it. Not a victim; a victor. God Answers Prayers and my prayer is that all the people who have been impacted or targeted will regain their balance, and their voice, and their peace, through faith in God as He works his plan.
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