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rodrica's SoundClick blog - Meet Astronomusic - SC's Stars
Astronomusic (Zozimo Rech and Adrianne Simioni) can truly be described as Soundclick’s “stars”. Their unique music combines a love of astrophysics with both classical and progressive rock music. Their musical experiences are diverse and they have performed with a wide range of musicians spanning several countries. Over the years they have bridged the gap between science and art to create vivid and innovative music and have proven beyond any doubt that the arts and science can be powerful joint forces. Let’s meet them both:-

Zozimo Rech was born in Southern Brazil and obtained his first electric guitar at the age of 17 – it was a gift for achieving a placement for the engineering course at university. In the years that followed he appeared on radio and became a competition winner and soon his expertise and musical talents began to shine. In 1990 he went to live in Ireland and Central Europe for further engineering training. This experience however was fundamental in furthering his artistic leanings. Back in Brazil he formed an ensemble called Orquestra Profana, musicians dedicated to performing classical scores with electric guitars and synthesizers. Adrianne Simioni was to join this group and they began to share their interests in music and astronomy. Zozimo was keen to explore the use of electronic instruments with synthesizers and sequencers and so decided to pursue this idea when Orquestra Profana stopped performing.

Zozimo began working on The Life Of A Star, a progressive rock album with themes relating to astrophysics. Zozimo explored the use of electronic instruments and synthesized sounds, whilst maintaining the prevailing guitar-led styling. The project was finished just before a 6 month stay in Los Angeles in 1997/98 where he joined Melissa Jackson’s country-rock band as a guitarist. Although The Life Of A Star was complete, it was not published until 2006 when Zozimo simultaneously released its sequel entitled Pictures Of A Solar System. He also produced Adrianne’s Simioni’s The Intelligible Sky. In May 2010 he won the International Carl Martin VIP Contest.

Adrianne Simioni was also born in Southern Brazil, she found an interest in music from a toy keyboard and her curiosity for astronomy began with a Polyopticon kit telescope. At 14 years of age she got her first electric guitar and at 17 she discovered a violin at her aunt’s house and never looked back.

Adrianne originally studied physics at university, however she was already a very enthusiastic musician playing in a band called Aldebaran performing both original and cover versions of songs relating to the subject of astronomy. Later she joined a jazz-rock fusion group called Dr. Divago.

In 1991 Adrianne joined the ensemble Orquestra Profana along with Zozimo and others. She also played violin in Somusica and guitar in Trio Staccato performing classical music.

In 1996 she travelled to Uruguay to study with Maestro Jorge Risi and later that year she joined a group called Kozmic Blues. In 1997 she moved to Hollywood, USA to perfect her skills at the Musicians Institute – Guitar Institute of Technology. But Adrianne’s versatility was already apparent and she diversified by playing fiddle with country-rock singer Melissa Jackson. In 1998 she returned to Brazil and recorded a live CD with Kozmic Blues and the following year joined another country-rock band called The Travellers, recording 3 albums, this time playing electric/acoustic guitars, the violin, adding backing vocals and percussion.

During 2006 Adrianne decided to combine her passion for astronomy and music and published her first solo album The Intelligible Sky. The music takes us on a journey from the beginnings of superstitious, primitive man right up to the scientific mechanics of today.

Together they are Astronomusic - Soundclick's Stars.
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We are proud and honored for having your friendship, Rodz !!!
Thank you very very very much for everything !!!
You are awesome !!!
:: posted by Astronomusic on Mon Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:16 PM   
The best original classic prog.rock style instrumental sound in HQ I've heard around Here
Astronomusic " S C *Stars* "

:: posted by AA1FIRE on Tue Mar 13, 2012 @ 11:12 PM   

what a gift for all us musicians ( and not )....! Splendid tracks, marvelous sparkling sounds with the Guitar and E-Violine too, Prog -Rock at its best. I love Astronomusic, Zozimo and Adrianne are masters of the genre, and I´m sure they will go further with success because they are unique and very talented.
Wishing all the best to Astronomusic, SC´s Stars for true, and many many thanks to Rodrica for this fantastic Blog.

Cheers, spinaceto.
:: posted by spinaceto76 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 @ 02:01 PM   
Bravo! Wonderful Bio of two awesome and interesting musicians.
:: posted by Ridiculousdream on Mon Mar 19, 2012 @ 11:06 AM   
Great to see these two superb musicians and friends acknowledged. big grin :D
:: posted by fendrguitplayr on Fri Mar 30, 2012 @ 08:23 AM   
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