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Alan Foulkes
Alejandro Ortiz Monasterio Acosta
Alex and Andrew
Alice Ream
Andrew Roach
Andy Robbins
Ash and friends
Bring a Guillotine
Cal Folger Day
Charlie Jane Daniels
Chivon Winsloe and Ben Jones
Dan Kumpik
Danica and Angus
Ed Hanfrey
Emily Pickrell
Francie Jones (Bookbinders)
Geoff Simpson
Graham Quelch
J J Soul
Joel Henry
John Condron
Jon and Liz of Moonrakers
Jonathan Seet
Jonny Dread
Josh Knight
Lavington Bound
Leigh Alexander
Lewis Newcombe-Jones
Lucky Finger
Mark Atherton
Martin Christie
Massive Antics
Matt Cutmore
Mike Peace
Mr Tony Batey and Graham 'Skinny Boy' Quelch
Naomi Garrido
Nigel Brown
Paris Bannerman
Paul Wood
Pedro de Vasconcellos
Peter Moore Bookbinders
Rachel Ruscombe King
Rami (Bookbinders)
Rob Beckinsale
Roisin Peacock
Ryan Saunders
Scotty Gordon
Scratch Tuesday
Steve Morano (Oxford)
Tiffany Taylor
Tim Mayo
Tom Swinburne
Tom Wincott
Wayne Smith of Oxford
name: The Old Bookbinders
age: your guess
hometown: Oxford, United Kingdom
hobbies:Watching great music
favorite bands:In no particular order: JJ Soul, Yellow Crayons, Bring a Guillotine, Ted, Tim, Rami, Chris, Kevin, Alice, Tenelle, Tiffany, Mark, B&Q, and many mo
  :: OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC is a member since 01/27/2009 --- this profile has been viewed 29,168 times
Welcome to the Soundclick space of the Old Bookbinders Open Mic Session!


Any constructive comments / photos / video clips etc gratefully received: nigelpbrown@yahoo.co.uk.

This page has been set up simply because the performers keep coming and playing such great music, and it seems a shame to keep all of these lovely noises within the walls of this establishment. So we started recording the sessions in 2008, and slowly but surely we'll be adding to the playlist here, and expanding the information about performers, audience and pub.

Ed Hart had the original idea of setting up the open mic at the Bookbinders, and under Matty and Maureen's landlordship it started in May 2007. Nigel Brown's been running it since October 2008. In November 2009 Matty and Maureen left, and will be sorely missed, but the open mic is set to continue as usual.

We hope you enjoy the music and follow the links to the artists' other pages, and keep great music live.

Of course it'd be even better if you come down to the pub itself and perform, or just watch and have a great time.

Nigel (open mic organiser)

1.1. Control of the recording lies with you, if you want me to delete it from my system let me know. I have no financial claim on the recording.
1.2. If I hear nothing from you I'll keep it but I won't pass it on to any third parties.
1.3. It’s up to you entirely but do you want me to post your songs on the Bookbinders infinite uploads website: http://members.soundclick.com/old+bookbinders+open+mic and/or http://myspace/bookbindersopenmic? Any songs that appear on a website would have to be your original composition.
1.4. The recordings are trimmed, so some introductory preamble might have been cut. If you want a full raw version please let me know.
1.5. If y...
Nigel Brown, taken by Julie
main album
Jeremy Hughes (L) and Nigel
main album
Chris Padmore 19 Jul 09 B&W
main album
Chris Padmore 19th July 09 (
main album
Nigel announcing the next ac
main album
A grateful thanks to all muzos, audience and barstaff at the Bookbinders - the New Year's Eve open mic session was phenomenal, as always, with some fabulous crowd participation, thanks to all for coming down and making it great.

Let's keep it live and thriving in 2010.

Business as usual tonight and every Sunday night from 8.


Nigel - open mic organiser
Jean - landlord
:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Sun Jan 3, 2010 @ 05:59 AM     
For all those that can make it we've got an open mic session at the Bookbinders to ring in 2010. Hope you can make it. Great live music in good company.

Here on the website we've got 34 artists (and counting) with over 50 songs (and counting), so progress is good. Let's keep up the momentum in 2010.

All the best, and thanks for making the Bookbinders Open Mic the thriving nugget of musical success that it has been.

Happy New Year.

Nigel (bbom organiser)
Jean (Bookbinders landlord)
:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Thu Dec 31, 2009 @ 08:38 AM     
The Beatles Open Mic last Sunday (20th Sept) was fabulous, thanks to all the musicians who put in loads of work to get those pesky chords and harmonies just right. There were 28 songs played on the night, 16 Beatles songs (with a couple of versions of A Day in the Life). There were lots of new faces and voices too, which is always nice. Some of the songs (the original ones) will appear on this website over the next few days, so watch this page.

More themed nights might be on the way, ideas welcome, just let me know on nigelpbrown@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks again.

:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Wed Sep 23, 2009 @ 09:42 AM     
The Beatles Open Mic on 20th September is, as some already know, different from the usual in the sense that we're offering advanced booking for that night only.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you feel, we've already filled the bill (as of Sat 12th), so if you want to play a Beatles song, and you haven't already booked one with me, Nigel) it's unlikely you'll get to play. But not impossible! it's an open mic after all.

Please come along anyway and enjoy the Beatles as you've never heard them before...

Nigel (nigelpbrown@yahoo.co.uk)
:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Sat Sep 12, 2009 @ 09:03 AM     
This coming Thursday (13th Aug), Linn Johansson and I are doing a gig at the Bookbinders. Linn's an old friend of the Open Mic, an enthusiastic supporter and deliverer of live music. Hope to see you down there.


:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Sat Aug 8, 2009 @ 04:34 AM     
The Jericho Street Fair was a fabulous success, thanks to Chris Padmore especially - he's an open mic regular and he co-ordinated the whole JSF Bookbinder Stage, and thanks to Maureen and Matty who kept us all lubricated, to the performers who put in so much effort to make it a great day, and to the audience who turned out in record numbers. It was wonderful.


:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Tue Jun 23, 2009 @ 10:47 AM     
Looking forward very much to the Jericho Street Fair, this coming Saturday, 13 June, it'll be good to see you down there, getting involved in the stalls, music, dancing, drinking and general fun-having that is to be had from noon till night.


:: posted by OLD BOOKBINDERS OPEN MIC on Thu Jun 11, 2009 @ 07:29 AM     
Bookbinder 1
Those who have played at the Bookbinder's Open Mic


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