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artist:    Chris Sotiri play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Alternative
title:    Surround Me Indie
  Single From The Debut EP "Starting Over" Now Available For Download
  user rating:4.55      
artist:    Gretchen play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Metal
title:    Fading Goth Metal
  user rating:4.55      
artist:    Sherreece play hi-fi download mp3  Rock
title:    Holy of Holies Christian Rock
  Available on Glory Road 2 Disc Compilation CD on Versailles Records
  user rating:4.14      
artist:    Staghound-X play hi-fi Jazz
title:    I Don't Dare Smooth Jazz
  Featuring X-Chick: Karen Witt
  user rating:4.66      
artist:    Bashir Wahid play hi-fi download mp3  Rock
title:    Sabotage Instrumental Rock
  From the new album Deliverance (2010).
  user rating:5      
artist:    AVALANCHE play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Rock
title:    TRUST THE QUIET VOICE Guitar Rock
  From the June-July 2009 AVALANCHE Recording Sessions! A song about trusting our own inner voice about what is really the "right thing" to do in any situation...and the distractions placed in our way.
  user rating:4.59      
artist:    Oberhofer play hi-fi download mp3  Jazz
title:    roaming included Jazz Fusion
  My version to a backing track by Mats Nermark for the LPF Jam Zone. Kloppmann equipped relic Strat & Axe Fx AC30 Sim
  user rating:5      
artist:    RNG - Rich Nakatsu Group play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Rock
title:    Storm Instrumental Rock
  user rating: not yet rated      
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