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I was once asked during an interview who I was and what made me, me. I didn’t hesitate in saying that my music and the instruments I play makes me who I am. It’s probably what you might say or say something similar or that your work makes you who and what you are. Today however my thinking is quite different and if I was asked the same question again, I would undoubtedly say that I am a man of diversity. Being versatile in anything I do is what makes me tick.

My mentor once told me that diversity in life is the best way to keep active, keep interest and about learning not only about one-self but the world around you. I never really thought about that but as I grew older, subconsciously I stuck with that idea. I was always uneasy about just sticking to one thing and searched for new discoveries within me. I wasn’t one to just jump around at different ideas or tasks and tried to put all my efforts to learning as much as I can about the subject I was on. I wasn’t one for just tinkering with things. Although earlier in life for many a decade concentration for me wasn’t easy, you see I had A.D.D. Somehow I learned to work around it and went through a different learning process than normal. This learning curve, if you will, taught me everything I have done up to this day.

Music was my main thing in life and do have a few degrees to show that I was a success in it. Not only did I become a professional musician but also became a salesman and then professional re-modeler which had nothing to do with music. It was the opposite but the learning process was the same. As a pro re-modeler, I dealt with everything involved with fixing up your house from top to bottom. My expertise included plumbing, electrical, carpentry, tile, roofing, siding but not concrete even though I did know a bit about it. I also became quite good at photography and built my own dark room to develop the film. I even became an expert sport fisherman, entered some fishing contests and won some money.

I had an opportunity to travel around the world and all over the US, parts of Canada, learn about different cultures and more about myself. I’ve been married for 43 years to the same woman and had 5 children together. We now have 10 grand-kids to keep us busy with. Recently, I discovered another talent within me which had to do with art. One day I just gave it a try, enjoyed it and here I am 3 years later doing some incredible paintings. No, I never had an interest in art nor lessons in it. The last time I did anything with art was back in grade school.

As I continue to crash and burn, burn and crash, I am always reminded that you can’t take stuff to the grave with you and was never into acquiring a whole mess of stuff. I saved my money for memories and experiences. If I ended up in a hospice tomorrow or when ever, as did my sister recently, I can look back at all of the experiences I had along with some incredible memories in life. Life is all about the experiences. Experience as much as you can. Try something different.
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