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markku's SoundClick blog - Crashing and Burning
As I notice my health crashing and burning, burning and crashing to a more deteriorated level, I often think about my past life and what a great life I’ve had for the most part. Sure there were many a time when things were rough but as I grew older and perhaps a little wiser, I learned a few things which, as I look back, had made a huge impact on how my life turned out.

Often times as children we get conditioned by our parents and society into thinking that we should only pursue one thing in life, concentrate on it and become as good as you can and successful at it. We are led to believe that we can’t do other things equally well and shouldn’t even bother trying. That’s the way it was for me, anyway, while growing up. My parents had the insight to start me playing the accordion at an early age. I studied it for eight years and totally sucked at it. When I was a teenager, I decided that I wanted to play guitar. I eventually went out and purchased my own guitar, took a few lessons to get the basics and taught myself the rest. I could do that because I had the musical knowledge and it was a matter of applying what I knew to the guitar.

Learning to play the guitar got me interested in playing; other keyboards and saxophone, which ended up getting me into Music College. While in Music College, I ended up learning to play all instruments. Music was just one of the things which helped me remove the brainwashed ideas out of my head. I learned that if I applied myself and gave each instrument my full attention one at a time which was not easy for someone who had A.D.D., I could be equally good on each instrument. Sure it took a lot of commitment, effort and sacrifice but in the end I met my goals. This idea became a habit for any other project which I took on later in life.

I suppose that I have to give some credit to my mentor, my best friend’s dad who took me under his wing and taught me a lot about life in general. He taught me diversity. He believed that he could do anything a professional can and equally well, but it may take him a bit longer. He taught me about electronics, plumbing, auto mechanics and cabinet making. I learned to repair my own cars, make my own amplifiers and speaker cabinets saving me from having to pay someone else to do this. All of this built self esteem and gave me the confidence and courage to try other things in life. He also helped in teaching me kindness because of his efforts in being my mentor.

More on crashing and burning next time.
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