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It’s been a rough spring and summer, while fall hasn’t been a great start either. It all started back in March as I was working out on my exercise bike. I couldn’t understand why I was getting tired and out of breath from only a half mile into my workout. Normally I do about 5 miles and don’t get tired until the fifth mile. For a while I just let it go and figured that I needed to work up slowly to the 5 mile mark, but each time I got to the half mile mark or somewhere around there I’d end up with shortness of breath and pain in my right chest.

I stopped exercising for a while and then discovered that I had an umbilical chord hernia. It was followed by blood in my urine and a lot of pain. I went to see my doctor and discussed my problems. Naturally the first thing he did after finding out that the sample was negative for an infection, was prescribe some meds for an enlarged prostate. He didn’t even mention what may be going on in my lung until several months later after pressing for some answers. Here he was saying that it’s possibly pleurisy but never made any commitments in trying to find out, even after I pressed the matter.

In the meantime, after he prescribed some meds for an enlarged prostate, without any tests especially a psa for cancer; I almost died from the damn meds as they had a severe reaction. While all this was going on my sister was dying in a hospice 250+ miles North West of me of cancer and I was her health power of attorney and needed to travel up there several times a month and sometimes a week. Not only was the 500+ miles round trip getting to me physically, but mentally I was exhausted. Having pain 24/7 and unable to sleep the stress levels sky rocketed it. This was in July.

I decided to make an appointment with a different doctor but couldn’t get one for 7 weeks which took me into September. During this time I was idle and couldn’t do much of anything except sit and lay around except when called to go see my sister. The pain was on and off and so was the blood in my urine but the pain in my chest and shortness of breath continued. I couldn’t even do what I loved the best to take my mind off the pain; paint or drink wine. The odors would make matters more difficult, so no painting. Alcohol would aggravate my kidneys and bladder so that was a no. All I could drink was water, lots of it. I spent a little time in the woods recording nature sounds to kill some time. I enjoyed that.

When a person is idle, the mind starts to think about scenarios worse than what they appear and life becomes hell especially when in constant pain. When September finally rolled in, we had to bury my sister; I got to see my new doctor who had me go through a CT scan, full specimen test and a psa test for prostate cancer. There will be one other which entails shoving a camera up the old piss tube. The results of the ct scan etc. won’t be revealed until my next appointment in October, same goes for shoving the camera up my urethra. More suspense and stress is on the way. Still nothing has been found out about my right lung as the pain continues along with shortness of breath.
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