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markku's SoundClick blog - Playing the classical what most don’t realize
Most average players and listeners probably can’t stand listening to the long haired music. Some will even go as far as saying that they detest it with every fiber in their body. I don’t blame you, as you probably detest it as much as I detest opera. I just can’t stand listening to the fat lady sing. I was forced into listening to classical music and opera at an early childhood and was told that I could not listen to any other style of music like jazz. It wasn’t real music according to my first grade teacher. But in despite I asked my father what jazz was and he showed me. I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I ended up hating classical music for most of my life due to it.

Later, when I decided to go to Music College, where everyone except me, was totally into the long haired stuff, I was the odd ball. I had no clue as to what was going on in that field. I really felt out of place. I just had to suck it up because I needed to be there for what I wanted to do in life in the music field. That didn’t mean that I didn’t hate the stuff, it made me detest it even more. It‘s only human nature to hate something that you are forced into listening to or doing. I verbally fought it every inch of the way. Regardless of how I felt, mentally, I still put forth my full effort into doing what I had to do to excel and to accomplish what I needed to accomplish. That feeling of going all balls out stuck with me for the rest of my life as it is and because of it made me successful at what ever I did after that or will do tomorrow.

Okay so what you might not realize is that what ever you hear either on the radio, Youtube or on this site regarding classical music by the great composers is only an interpretation of the artist or the conductor. It may not be exactly what the original composer meant it to be. The composer can only use various dynamic markings on his manuscript and what the composer intended the composition to sound like, may or may not be what he wanted. All of that dynamic stuff today is in Italian. Half of the stuff I don’t even know what it is to this day without having to Google it. Back in the day with-out internet, if you weren’t Italian, you just had to fake it, even though I married an Italian. Sure we were taught many of the dynamic signs in college but after I graduated, I found a heck of a lot more that weren’t taught.

The thing with any classical music is the tempos and dynamics, especially when it comes to piano solos compared to another genre where everything is the same. The tempo is set by the drummer where as a classical piano soloist for example, we go by interpretation. There are no set metronome markings, either you play slow, medium or fast, however you interpret the tempo written in Italian and when= slow, fast or in between. So if you stopped in to the classical genre here on SC or Youtube, you may find 5+ compositions with the same name, but each one being slightly different. There are similarities but keep in mind you actually have 5+ interpretations = 5+ different tunes. It’s impossible to copy any classical tune exactly as written or as in tended by the composer. It takes a real artist to try and decipher all of that code. Compared to jazz, jazz is much easier.
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